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    appraise ( Toy )

    Hello Everyone, Want to get thoughts & opinions on this spanish .info name Juguete ( Toy ). Thank You!
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    news under new ownership - Who are we and what do we want?

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to the new owners. Something that I would like to see back is the $DNF I had a great time earning $DNF currency from members by posting in forums, adding links to social media sites, commenting on blogs...
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    offers Favorite.City -- For Sale

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    offers ( New York ) - ( Poker )

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    offers ( New York ) - ( Poker )

    Double Post!
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    offers Jokes.Games -- Looking for offers!

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    new forum icons look nice

    The new forum icons look really nice I like them.
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    get rid of all the different paid levels

    I still remember when I first joined DNF back in 2005. When I saw that I could upgrade my account to exclusive using $DNF I did everything from sold domains to add links to stumbleupon, joined forums, bought $DNF from members... For me that was the best time I had in DNF collecting $34,000 to...
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    news To Owners: Can we stop playing the Cat/Mouse game?

    Bring back the $DNF with new things to buy and new members could upgrade their accounts. Also so we can sell / buy $DNF.
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    offers / / The Pair!

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    About how much would you fellas say this domain is worth?

    For some reason this domain reminded me of a .99 cent dollar store.
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