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  • Kevin,

    I want to concentrate on developing some of my DNs and probably just sell the rest, what do you think of my DNStore.org website for a possible sale?

    It gets good traffic that can be verified, I have not done anything with it for the past two months, my computer died and I am just getting back into all of this stuff.

    Do you think it would be worth selling for someone to use with their own DNs?

    Let me know if you have the time, thanks, Dave

    What do you think of 'WirelessPowerTechnologies.com' as just a DN to sell?

    I am going to develop it with my own wireless power technology that I have developed for a specific niche type application area.

    Only bother with this if you have the time.

    Sorry, I totally missed this message when you sent it. Thanks for this and cheers!
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