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    .co Bitcoin's (BTCs) Exam Match Domain - is an EXACT MATCH NAME for both the abbreviation & trade symbol for the crypto "Bitcoins" (BTC = Bitcoin & BTCs = Bitcoins) News report headlines sometimes strictly only state "BTC'" as the preferred terminology for Bitcoin when discussing the name, but also because the use of BTC...
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    intro Hi Folks!

    I've been on this forum forever, but have never really talked to anyone or get any help or leads. Hoping to make some connections and possibly get some assistance with auctions specifically I'm a first time seller on there with an amazing exact match domain for "BTCs" the plural...
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    Bitcoins (BTCs) Exact Match -

    BTCs is the plural shorthand, abbreviation and trade symbol for BITCOINS. Just google in quotes "BTCs" to see how many news headlines use BTCs over bitcoins with the s. I could not find a place that would accept bitcoin at payment so if you want this name and can pay in BTC send me a msg and I...
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