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    offers CLOSED

    What revenue on a monthly basis or annual.
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    Another developed property to share

    Having an interest in North Korea. I decided to scrape the propaganda news sites for information and put a simple front end an API. So basically this is a nice python API which serves articles to the Wordpress front end. I still don't know PHP (and its gonna stay that way), but at least I have...
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    appraise <- Still looking for ideas/options

    I'll have to look t where I got it, but 2006, so not you :) Those happy days are over. I used to detagged "bank 'int day" sometimes for catching. Chris Holland. I think he retired off to the Spanish Sunshine.
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    appraise <- Still looking for ideas/options

    How long ago? I got this about 12 years ago. I used to do my own catching and "whored" myself to any catching out there to collect names that I was after to get more slots.
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    appraise <- Still looking for ideas/options

    What software was this? It was caught a long time ago.
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    Developing Properties

    Thanks for the comments. I will update the text to make it easier people to understand.
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    appraise <- Still looking for ideas/options

    I really wish it was, that could be an easier sell. No-one these days wants to create a social network (unless they are crazy) and you're right they would not want a generic. It feels a bit of a vanity domain, but then question is how to actually sell that.
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    Developing Properties

    It is designed that way, to collect info from people. Basically you pay by answering questions :)
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    appraise <- Still looking for ideas/options

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them
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    Developing Properties

    Yes, really we wanted the technology for another project, this is really just a demo of the tech.
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    Developing Properties

    As parking is totally pants, I decided to create some fun projects based on some of my names. I'll be posting them. Always happy to feedback as to how to improve, monetize and generally make things smarter. Some of you may remember f**kedcompany from the dot com days...
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    Initiative Q Invite - New Payment Network (By Invite Only)

    Likewise, please feel free to use my address too, when the above links have expired.
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    North Korea News

    For people interested in North Korean News, from the inside, i.e. what the North Koreans themselves are up to and report, then I created a small but basic aggregator to pull today stories and new sources. You can take a look at: NKpulse
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    Save money on your electricity and gas

    Great service from bulb which is a great way to save money on your electricity and gas payments. There is a great interface, and user experience. Get low cost renewable energy and its super easy to sign up and when you do, you can get £50 cash back immediately.
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    Serious offer only via PM
  16. disruptive For Sale

    Make me an offer that I cannot refuse. I won't reply to silly low-ball offers. Bid like you mean it. There are not many pronounceable 4 char domains available.
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    Now for sale on Flippa
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    Never developed! Just waiting for a use! Offers over $4000 please.
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    ...tumble weeds.... Haha! I just wanted to see what would happen...I get fed up with the crappy and quite frankly cheap offers only to never get a response when I give out details!
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    Offers please! I don't due to tyre kickers and timewasters: 1. Give revenue 2. Give traffic Make offers based on your own DD. Offers by PM please.
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