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  1. Mazkel

    auctions (23 CHIPS - no a,e,i,o,u,v) - Flippa

    Selling portfolio of 23 CHIPS at Flippa auction. Ends 1/18/2016
  2. Mazkel

    short 11 (,,

    Taking offers on the following 11 package. All at Godaddy. Split escrow or paypal for members that I've done business with before. Multiforum post. High offer $1350. $1980 ($180 each) offer via email. Any...
  3. Mazkel

    short 48 portfolio

    Looking for offers. Current high offer is $3800/name.
  4. Mazkel

    auctions 34 portfolio - and more

    34 portfolio at Flippa NO vowels or "V" I'm selling these through Domain Holdings Auction ends in 4 days
  5. Mazkel


    26762 dot com (palindrome name) auction ends 9/10/15 4pm EST Regged at Godaddy
  6. Mazkel

    auctions at Godaddy auction

    26762 dot com Palindrome name Godaddy auction ends 7/19/15 at 7 pm EST Regged at Godaddy Ends in 3 days! Ends today.
  7. Mazkel

    auctions - 102 Portfolio

    This is a huge opportunity! I am selling a portfolio of 88 and 14 It's rare to find a portfolio like this for sale. Sell these to endusers and make a nice return on your investment. Flippa auction link Ends 7/15/15. Only 4 days left! Don't miss out on this amazing...
  8. Mazkel

    auctions at Flippa auction

    Coffees - a billion dollar global industry Coffees dot org is at Flippa auction ending 7/7/15. Low Reserve. Enom - created 6/4/02 and expires 6/4/16 sold for $100,000 in 2008. Grab at a fraction of the price! Potential uses - ecommerce - monthly subscription...
  9. Mazkel

    Coffees dot org
  10. Mazkel,,,,,

    Taking offers on these six all premium letter domains. OIA dot info OCM dot info EOO dot info HNC dot info NST dot info PCO dot info Godaddy OIA Regged 12/7/04 Expires 12/7/15 OCM Regged 11/29/04 Expires 11/29/15 EOO Regged 1/27/04 Expires1/27/15 HNC, NST, PCO Regged 1/9/04 Expire 1/9/15...
  11. Mazkel

    Seeking offers on MedicalVacations dot net This is a growing global industry combining discounted medical procedures with vacations. Ideal for lead generation, ecommerce, directory site. Expires 12/22/15 at Godaddy Plenty of endusers Paypal to known users. Buyer-funded escrow to others.
  12. Mazkel

    auctions And

    Two category domains at Flippa auction with low reserves. Actress dot info Ends 8/24/14 at 2 pm est Domain at Godaddy.
  13. Mazkel

  14. Mazkel

    Found A .xyz Domain In My Netsol Account

    I signed into my netsol account and found out that I own nerx dot xyz which I never purchased and have no interest in. I do own nerx dot com. Has this happened to anyone? This is unbelievable! I've opened a support ticket at netsol.
  15. Mazkel

    Opinion On Selling A Name

  16. Mazkel

    Wtb: Brandable .com Jewelry Name

    Looking for a brandable .com only Jewelry/Gems/Cubic Zirconia No more than 3 words/No numbers Think BlueNile dot com, Alex and Ani dot com Budget: up to $100 Please PM only. Do not post in thread. I will reply if interested. If you don't receive a reply, then I'm not interested. NO...
  17. Mazkel

    auctions Godaddy Auction

    29989 dot com Godaddy auction Ends June 5, 2014 at 8 am EST.
  18. Mazkel

    Taking offers on Vireli dot com Nice short brandable Please post offers in thread Godaddy Paypal Multiforum post
  19. Mazkel

  20. Mazkel

    Taking offers on 29989 dot com. Paypal for buyers I know. Otherwise, buyer-funded escrow. Please post offers in thread. Godaddy Expires 2/4/2015 Multiforum post
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