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    closed, .net .org

    Hello, I would appreciate any appraisals with several domain names I own. It feels like a good time to sell these political domain names. I also own:, .org, .net & .co + .net .org Thank you in advance for your expertise. JayDee
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    Should I Modify Domain Name?

    This question may be sophomoric, but I am new to the domain name world. Does capitalizing letters in the domain name completely change it? For instance, if my domain name is: Should I also purchase Are these the same, or completely different...
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    I would very much appreciate some help. I have had quite a few domain names since 2009, but I am new at actively trying to sell them, but don't know how to price them. Here are a few I would like to sell fairly quickly - any appraisals are appreciated.
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    Did I Make a Huge Mistake?

    I bought a few more domains names recently and noticed that I didn't get the privacy (for whois, etc.) on the last batch I purchased. When I called GoDaddy to see about adding Privacy the price was very steep! Should I cough up the extra $$$ to get privacy on those without it? I've heard...
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    I'd appreciate some expertise on these; I also have the .net and .org for most (I own many more). Thanks. J~
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    closed for starters

    I am new here, and hope I'm on the correct forum. I have close to a hundred domain names I want to sell; no luck on I don't know if I should hire a broker?? ( I have the .net and .org for most as well as .com) I would like some educated opinions on these, please.
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