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    have had several offers in, i am not looking for the BIG sale. Let the offers come in, Or the offer is ok to me and i will
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    Taking offers on IRL.COM = In real Life and many others acronyms. Taking offers on this beauty. Easy push , payment escrow, byer pays fees. Tanks!
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    buy now 16.500$ `15k offer received
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    $12,800.- offer received. will put buy now on tomorrow, feel free to make your best offer in PM. If that offer is close to my buy now we can deal quick.
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    12.500$ offer received by DNF member. Let me know the best offers for a quick sale. Will sell soon
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    HMI.COM for sale! Register Enom Easy Push Payment, buyer pays fees. Taking Offers!
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    Top domain for sale Taking offers, lowball will be ignored. PID.COM Register ENOM Payment Escrow 85 Acronys: ****** PID Project Information Document ****** PID Process Identifier ****** PID Proportional-Integral-Derivative (controller) ****** PID Process...
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    name is sold!
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    several 7k's offers Will sell tomorrow Buy now 8k
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    Have 5 bids with 5000$ , i get those spam emails always with that offer. Looking for a sell, but for a resonable price. Register: Enom, payment Escrow Gr Niels
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    Taking offers on
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    new price offer, 4600$ Posat sold to claim or best offer in PM
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    Still receiving offer is inbox for 4000$ Buy now lowered to 4750$ first come first serve. Have had several offers of 4500$ Buyer pays fees escrow Easy Push ENOM
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    Buy now set on 5000$ buyer pays escrow fee;s
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    4500$ offer valis 24 hours in PM. Concider selling after.
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    4k offer received by pm/ Traffic not know. Havent parked the name.
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    JGE.COM Register Enom, Payment paypal or escrow, wire.. Taking offers
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    1600$ offer in PM Buy now lowered to 1800$
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