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  1. Mazkel

    Need one word .COM or .ORG domain names

    PM sent.
  2. Mazkel

    auctions (23 CHIPS - no a,e,i,o,u,v) - Flippa

    Selling portfolio of 23 CHIPS at Flippa auction. Ends 1/18/2016
  3. Mazkel

    short 11 (,,

    Taking offers on the following 11 package. All at Godaddy. Split escrow or paypal for members that I've done business with before. Multiforum post. High offer $1350. $1980 ($180 each) offer via email. Any...
  4. Mazkel

    Brandable name for B2B business

    PM sent.
  5. Mazkel

    short 48 portfolio

    Looking for offers. Current high offer is $3800/name.
  6. Mazkel


    PM sent.
  7. Mazkel

    auctions 34 portfolio - and more

    Thanks. It ends in 4 days. This is an amazing opportunity!! Once they sell, they're gone for good. I believe at least one of the other bidders is from China and is developing directory sites.
  8. Mazkel

    auctions 34 portfolio - and more

    34 portfolio at Flippa NO vowels or "V" I'm selling these through Domain Holdings Auction ends in 4 days
  9. Mazkel

    Buy & single

    PM sent
  10. Mazkel

    WTB pronounceable

    I can't send PM. I have Kuoc dot com Xouc dot com ijhi dot com nujy dot com
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