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  1. F 100 assorted aged domains - make offers - 1 and 2 word - up to 12 yrs

    Looking for offers on any of these - some get a little parking revenue - nothing major. Post or pm your reasonable offer. If accepted, I will delete from the list, post accepted and pm you. Thanks!
  2. F +20 more

    These are about to go rgp so if you are interested act quickly. All are regged with Fabulous - I am pretty sure you can push expireds with fab - at least it used to be. If not, you will have to throw in the $8 so I can renew it. Don't offer me $5 unless you want more than one - not worth my...
  3. F $25 ea obo

    Post sold to claim - all with Fabulous - go into RGP July 8-9ish. Don't bother to lowball - I just let them go rather than waste time but offers welcome on 2 or more.
  4. F

    38 asst nice domains

    Some of these I will be letting go - some not. Your chance to get them cheap. Suggested offers x-xx. Listed expiration dates are 2010 so pushes only - act fast before rgp. Added some more so total of 50ish. MONIKER FREEVOIPNOW.COM x 3/27 CLINTONNAKED.COM xx 3/28 TWIRLEY.COM xx 3/30 GONEAWRY.COM...
  5. F

    fixed price - - - - $25 ea or offer on lot - - - - $25 ea or offer on lot Post sold to claim.
  6. F

    14 cheap fetish domains

    Most of these get enough hits to mostly pay for the reg. $20 each or make me some offers. Post sold to claim. (mispelling of porrista spanish for...
  7. F

    6 domains expiring - and 3 more

    These are regd with moniker - all are expired and about to rgp. MISTAGS.COM 2010-03-15 08:27:28.0 TRAVELAGENTCAREER.NET 2010-03-16 07:34:18.0 PAYINGSURVEYSONLINE.COM 2010-03-16 07:34:18.0 SURVEYNETWORK.NET 2010-03-17 08:44:28.0 UPDATESURVEY.COM 2010-03-20 09:55:32.0...
  8. F

    4 one word .orgs

    4 nice one word .orgs priced for a quick sale. Buy all 4 for $1000. Estibot total appraisal for all 4 is $2250., $500, $350, $350, $200
  9. F - - - ** Offers for quick sale **

    Domain, estibot appraisal, Reg, exp. Make offers please. 50 enom 9/10 260 fabulous 8/10 230 fabulous 8/10 250 fabulous 8/10
  10. F

    Lot of 30+ odds and ends more

    Odds and ends - some worth more than 20 and some are worth less. If you want one you think is worth less than $20, pick several and post an offer on a lot - I will probably accept. Otherwise, just post SOLD to claim. Please note that some are close to end of grace period so act quickly. I will...
  11. F

    10 non-English domains,,, $25 each

    $25 each or take all 10 for $200. These are all set to expire but I will renew if they sell. Enom push. Translations are from babelfish - I am not an expert - ymmv. imminent German commission Dutch exquisite French hook German...
  12. F

    Lot of 250 expireds $5 ea. mostly www & typos ie.

    Lot of around 240 expireds - mostly www & typos ie. Its a fire sale - these are all expired - I don't have the cash to renew them. The ones dated 3/13 may or may not delete 4/13. 4/14 and on are safe for now. As you see sometimes they don't right away. Once they do delete you...
  13. F

    Lot of 250 expireds - mostly www & typos ie.

    Its a fire sale - these are all expired - I don't have the cash to renew them. The ones dated 3/12 may or may not delete 4/12. As you see sometimes they don't right away. Once they do delete you will see a lot of these for $30 apiece in club drop. Get em now cheap. Make me an offer for the lot -...
  14. F

    Enom 6.95 reseller account for sale

  15. F and 389 more make offers on any or all SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  16. F - DS stats avg about $15/mo.

    SOLD - check out the lot of 390 domains in my other thread in this category PM offers please on It gets several typeins a day on average. DS stats since October are: Oct. $11.71 Nov. $44.32 Dec. $16.66 Jan. $13.53 Feb. so far $9.77 Update - I have had some good offers - I think...
  17. F

    Asst revenue domains - and more $900 per month portfolio

    I have several hundred domains that all together produce about $900 per month on average through DS. I need to raise some cash and will part with with some or perhaps all if I get a good enough offer. The portfolio is a mixture of the following: wwwdomain TM/Typos search engine/expired...
  18. F

    auctions DS = $4+ per month. I need cash - 5 day auction

    5 Day auction - auction will end Monday Jan 2 at 9:00 am CST sharp. Has been parked at DS since July and now getting solid $4+ mon. Revenue stats are below. Reserve of $100 please as I have already had an offer of that. expires 3/20/06 at enom Feb $1.31 Mar $2.04 Apr $1.20 May $1.89 Jun...
  19. F

    Need cash! 68 One word .org .us and .biz offers plz, etc

    Need some money - offers by post but pm ok if you are bashful ;-) Looking for at least $10 (more on some of these). Good offer on lot would get my attention. Some get typein traffic but nothing big. Would like to get rid of some today. All are at enom for a fast push. Thanks for looking. I threw...
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