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  1. Simon Byrne

    offers ***Excellent 7n Quad 8's*** Really Nice Pattern (8858680.COM)

    8858680.COM Resistrar: GoDaddy Exp: 11/2016 ***Offers by Pm Please***
  2. Simon Byrne

    fixed price ***Liquidating Pattern 5l.coms*** 11 months reg left, Everything $16 Early Cyber Monday (

    I am giving these away at $16 each to raise funds for another project, buy the lot or separate i don't mind
  3. Simon Byrne

    Ireland - private and protected domain registrar like Domains By Proxy ?

    Hey Step, i am in Ireland if i can help in any way pm me
  4. Simon Byrne

    developed Done

  5. Simon Byrne

    offers ♥♥♥ Chips ♥♥♥ ( )

    Offers Via Pm LLLL.orgs ..
  6. Simon Byrne

    offers Done

  7. Simon Byrne

    offers Done

  8. Simon Byrne

    Have sent 2 messages to DNforum about sponsored domains sales

    Hey @lotustar pm me and i will sort you out
  9. Simon Byrne

    offers 52 .com portfolio Keyword Rich Like

    Sorry mate is sold elsewhere Sorry Mate, no can do at that price, if you want to DM me a decent offer i will definitely consider it :)
  10. Simon Byrne

    Email alerts not happening

    Ok im looking into it now UPDATE: Ok the host tell me there is a DNS problem at there end and it shpuld be resolved in the next hour or two. I will post again when its fixed All fixed :), you may have got a backlog of email notifications, if so i apologizes in advance :)
  11. Simon Byrne

    Is anyone there?!

    I read this last night before bed, i never slept a wink :P
  12. Simon Byrne

    Conversation Read Status.

    No Problem. just remember Christmas is coming :)
  13. Simon Byrne

    Is anyone there?!

    I have a plan :):D
  14. Simon Byrne

    Conversation Read Status.

    J Just fixed this, :)
  15. Simon Byrne

    welcome messages

    LOL yea i love looking at myself 30, 40 50 times i day. I love it that much i was thinking of turning my monitor into a mirror :D Kamil you a funny guy :) I have my finger on the red button :D
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