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  1. davidnyang

    auctions @Godaddy is now for sale at fixed price of 49,999USD on Godaddy via
  2. davidnyang

    short: fixed fixed price Registrar Current Fixed Price is 14,000USD
  3. davidnyang

    short: fixed Fixed Price Fixed Price is US$11,000 There are only 10 numeric domains including four of the same number: **I think that you can understand it's absolutely a fair price after you make a market study.
  4. davidnyang

    auctions @Godaddy Auction Registrar: Domain features: LLLL Registration date: 2008 WHPJ means Foreign Currency Exchange Rates (外汇牌价) in Chinses and so far its most Visitors are from China. To verify, you can search "whpj" on or go via url Auctions on Godaddy via...
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    fixed price BIN BIN Price $14,900
  6. davidnyang

    auctions @Godaddy Only 20USD - 10 Hours Left To End Godaddy Auction within 10 hours left Current bid 20USD
  7. davidnyang

    The following domains wants offers from the global marketplace: FootFetish.Guru FootFetish.Sexy You can purchase either one of them respectively or any combination of them for a special package price...
  8. davidnyang

    short: fixed BIN Price $1999 Registrar: Godaddy
  9. davidnyang

    auctions 20USD on Godaddy Auctions is now for sale from 20USD on Godaddy Auctions. To place your bid, please go via
  10. davidnyang

    auctions It's now for purchase on Godaddy Auctions via url
  11. davidnyang This domain is now for purchase on To acquire it, please go via
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    offers for sale is now available for sale. Whois information is available for check by
  13. davidnyang

    cctld Offers Wanted Offers Wanted
  14. davidnyang Offers Wanted

    DomainTools.Club Offer via PM
  15. davidnyang

    Capital of Western Australia - Fixed Price at $6,500
  16. davidnyang


    Chinatown.Melbourne is for sale with a fixed price of USD9,500 on via
  17. davidnyang

    cctld Exclusively For Sale For Usd$7,500

    ChinaTown.Melbourne is a great valuable domain name. Now you have a great chance to have it with fixed price of USD$7,500 on To purchase ChinaTown.Melbourne, you can go by below url...
  18. davidnyang

    auctions Now On Godaddy Acution is a good name in outdoor business. If you want that, there is an opportunity to have it via Godaddy Auction at present via
  19. davidnyang

    cctld Bin With Limited Time Special

    Huge special on limited time (24 hours) for domain name - BIN $1000. It was $1500 on To purchase it pls via or PM
  20. davidnyang


    BIN $1,000 for sale on But if you send me a message to make a deal without the third party, you will take a 15%off discount.
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