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    WTB any LLLL.COM

    I am brokering LLLL.COM domains for a buyer with a budget of 250K or more. Non chips - 200-400 including Godaddys sellers fee. Chips - 1200-1900 including Godaddys sellers fee. Prefer batches of 10 or more names. Up to 1000 names per transaction. Please only through PM.
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    Remember 10 years ago? ....

    Recently stumbled upon this thread I posted on DP almost 10 years ago.. Oh who had a time machine ;)
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    short x 1 o .com - for sale
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    short Ended

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    Buying Llll.coms. No Letter Restrictions.

    Buying LLLL.coms Budget per domain. xx-xxx$. Must MUST MUST include price. No make offer mails please.. Looking for fast efficient deals. Prefer bottom of barrel affordable ones. No letter restrictions. Prefer bulk deals of multiple names. No domains posted in thread. No exceptions. Send...
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    fixed price E0s Dot Com SOLD At enom
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    lillecity (.) com - City in France

    Looking for reasonable offers in thread or through PM.
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    A few LLLL.coms -

    Looking for offers in thread or through PM.. QXQQ.COM - vanity domain aimed at the chinese market UQEL.COM - SEJX.COM - Well you get it LJJL.COM - IJJI typo MFUR.COM - Mink fur CZEF.COM - Sounds like chef
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    e0s (.) com

    At Enom Offers wanted. Paypal payment preferred.
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    Space related domains

    Looking for space related domains. Preferably .com domains, but single word domains are acceptable in other extensions. Budget range from xx$ to xxxx$ per depending on quality.
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    A few traffic names - Topfreearticles .us

    A few names with consistent traffic. First two I havent been able to monetize. top free articles .us Some traffic but no revenue to speak of. Asking 50$ ozone therapy .ws Some traffic but no revenue to speak of. Asking 50$
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    Priced to sell - Keyword .ws names - - TaxAttorney - TradingForex

    Fresh from the drop a few nice keyword .ws names. For sale at bargain price: Bin: 49$ Bin: 34$ Bin: 39$
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    A few ccc.coms - - 159$ - 179$ - 159$ - SOLD! Payment via moneybookers or paypal.
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    fixed price

    BIN 299$ -> 249$ At moniker
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    auctions - only at 69$ atm.

    at Snap..
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    Mixed short names looking for new owner - All at Dynadot.. Looking for xxx$ offers on each individual domain.
  18. C at DD

    At Dynadot..
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