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  1. Gerry

    need alternatives to

    Moving forward, I will not be using after they took it upon themselves to give the buyer back $1600 on an XXXXX transaction.
  2. Gerry SERU.NET

    Accepting offers Faster response to This thread is for one domain name, shown in upper and lower case for those that have difficulty in distinguishing the total quantity of names being offered...ONE NAME.
  3. Gerry

    fixed price >>>it's back on.

    $4500.00usd Dynadot registrar Buyer Pays fee not accepting offers Name is relisted after previous DNF "buyer" stated he thought he was buying two names.
  4. Gerry

    Need someone to run a history on an auction I won

  5. Gerry

    short: fixed 37500 $37500usd escrow split fees faster response email
  6. Gerry

    short and more Double Lettes

  7. Gerry

    fixed price

    Great and highly brandable domain, DVR=Digital Video Recorder $4000.00usd Faster Response to
  8. Gerry

    short UUAO.COM

    Rare All Vowel Name Accepting Offers Please post all Offers NO PM's Faster Response to
  9. Gerry


    Accepting offers Current high offer $1500.00 usd faster response email GoDaddy registrar offer via email $1600 from dnf member
  10. Gerry

    offers Oh, boy...this is gonna be a fun year in politics! One of the hottest hot button issues and trends in the news...and is only going to get HOTTER! Accepting SERIOUS Offers. Please post or PM's.
  11. Gerry

    short RARE all vowel, Double Letters

    UUAO.COM Accepting offers over $1000.00usd Please post or email (NO PM's) email:
  12. Gerry


  13. Gerry


  14. Gerry

    short A Few Hundred

    Sale Concluded. Thank you for all the offers and for your participation and interest.
  15. Gerry

    WTB: 4L (LLLL) .com Beginning with or Ending with AK

    Budget: $$ to low $$$ Looking for beginning with or ending with the letters AK. Please post or PM with price. Must contain price. Unresponded to PM's or names in thread = no interest.
  16. Gerry

    Great use of new gTLD

    This product is getting a lot of press and pointing to a new gTLD (recently profiled on CNN)...
  17. Gerry NOT owned by Christie...but is for sale

    Source: The Guy Who Owns Is Ready to Sell Interesting read about how this guy got started may mirror your introduction into the foray of domain names. See ya in Omaha!
  18. Gerry Oops!

    Looks like someone left something in their cart at checkout Story source: Headline: Carly Fiorina Forgot to Register a Very Important Website
  19. Gerry

    Bill Gates Just Sent Me 5 Million Dollars

    Somehow, I would think his punctuation and grammar would have been better. HA! I love the phrase "you can google my name"...I would have thought he would prefer BING over google. Greetings to You You have been gifted $5 MILLION USD From Mr Bill Gates. Contact me at this email for your claim...
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