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  1. Jeffreyw

    Error On Ads On The Header

    The "Welcome to the _____ boom" banner ads does not redirect, it shows an error.
  2. Jeffreyw

    developed - Automated Stock Photo And Vector Download Site, Potential Passive Earner

    Selling and my iStockphoto account with over 760 vectors and photos, with an income of $100-170 a month and Shutterstock account with 360 files earning over $30-60 a month. Selling it for $3,000 The site was launched last March 2013 with little marketing, only through...
  3. Jeffreyw

    Acepting offers for three 4 letter .coms

    Accepting offers for: GWEZ.COM BYUX.COM DYUC.COM
  4. Jeffreyw

    fixed price DYUC.COM - 4 letter .com

    DYUC.COM- $100 Expiration Date: 05-jul-2014
  5. Jeffreyw

    developed Automated stock photo and vector sites, potential passive earner

    Taking offers from $3,000 Selling and my iStockphoto account with over 620 vectors and photos, with an income of over $100-140 a month and Shutterstock account with 280 files earning over $30-60 a month. Visit the iStock account: istockphoto. com / acrylik The site...
  6. Jeffreyw

    BYUX.COM and GWEZ.COM - taking offers for both readable 4 letter domains

    BYUX.COM and GWEZ.COM - looking for a quick sale for both domains. Low reserve and no BIN. Currently, both are blogs. It's up to the buyer if he wants the content or not.
  7. Jeffreyw

    developed - sell custom made vectors This is a Wordpress powered site, using a special open source theme called Symbiostock. You just change the Paypal email (business account) and you're good to sell. The site is new, and no income yet. I have not marketed the site yet. There are over 100 vectors in...
  8. Jeffreyw

    Four traffic domains + + + - bulk sale

    I'm looking for offers for all (7) domains. Bulk sale only. (a place in Brazil ) (Hungarian for "French") Traffic stats (last 31 days) for the first four domains above is attached.
  9. Jeffreyw

    auctions - formerly an article site, bid starts at 1$ - auction ends on Friday, June 8, 2012, 7:00PM (19:00) PDT - registered until May 16, 2013 (Godaddy) - formerly an article site*/
  10. Jeffreyw

    auctions - .org version is registered - starts 1$, $5 BIN. Domain expires on May 04, 2012 Registrar: Moniker Auction ends tomorrow: Monday, 30 April 2012, 8:00pm PDT
  11. Jeffreyw

    auctions - previously a search site; can be used as search for maids Expiration Date: April 15, 2013 Bidding ends on April 21, 2012 at 6pm (PDT).
  12. Jeffreyw - make an offer

    Accepting offers for ( Pronounceable, easy to remember, easy to type.
  13. Jeffreyw

    Sites like

    Do you know of any sites similar to Kevin Ham's I will be building a portfolio site similar to the above?
  14. Jeffreyw


    LOGODESIGNER.ME Own this good keyword domain. Looking for XX$ offers. Expires on September 4, 2011. Reg at Moniker. Site used to be my logo portfolio site. I don't have the desire to continue it.
  15. Jeffreyw

    auctions US City: starts at 1$ OFALLONCITY.COM Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC. Expiration Date: August 1, 2012 O'Fallon (pronounced /oʊˈfælən/) is a suburban city along Interstate 70 between Lake St. Louis and St. Peters in Saint Charles County, Missouri. It is part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical...
  16. Jeffreyw

    auctions Expires on : 2/10/2011 Reged at Namecheap Bidding in ends on February 5 at 2:13am - Washington time EST. Email me if I forgot to check back:
  17. Jeffreyw

    auctions Expires on : 2/10/2011 Reged at Namecheap BIN: 10$ Bidding in ends in 24 hours. Email me if I forgot to check back:
  18. Jeffreyw

    One Time Payment Button Question

    I've searched the net but could not find what I'm looking for. I'd like to create a one time payment button for a logo that I am planning to sell. Logo should belong to one buyer only. Will this require a expert programmer to make or just an intermediate HTML designer like me?
  19. Jeffreyw

    Social Networking Vector Icons - 14$

    Buy them at
  20. Jeffreyw

    Soccer blog - 250 visits a day, earns leass than 5$ a month

    My soccer blog gets 250 visits a day, sometimes more than 500 visits if there's a football game the previous day. But few clicks, and only earing less than 5$ a month. Ironically, my photo blog (more photos less words!) with an average visits of 180 gets more clicks and earnings of 8 to 10$ a...
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