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    WTB any LLLL.COM

    I am brokering LLLL.COM domains for a buyer with a budget of 250K or more. Non chips - 200-400 including Godaddys sellers fee. Chips - 1200-1900 including Godaddys sellers fee. Prefer batches of 10 or more names. Up to 1000 names per transaction. Please only through PM.
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    fixed price 275 domains for sale -, - $149 EACH

    11 domains bought. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
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    Remember 10 years ago? ....

    Or steel ones ;)
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    Remember 10 years ago? ....

    Recently stumbled upon this thread I posted on DP almost 10 years ago.. Oh who had a time machine ;)
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    short x 1 o .com - for sale
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    10000% profit in 3 months

    I dont think so... Just myself have regged a 1$ .info that I sold for 1300$ two months later. Also recently sold a name for 5500$ that I received FREE from another member here when I bought another name. He though it was worthless, and I did too. But someone else disagreed. So you cant even make...
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    short Closed

    400$ on
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    So I've created a new appraisal tool @

    Its definitely a hard task to tackle and I wish you luck. Remember the man that made the best functioning automated tool today is a brain surgeon ;)
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    fixed price Keyword .INFO and .US Domains for $9 or less! Incl.!!

    What happened to my purchase.. I never got a PM? EDIT I see it has changed WHOIS.. Did you sell it to someone else? Thats really bad form.
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    Are 3 digits .net's worth investing in?

    2 or 3 digits? 2 probably is, though I see .nets value as declining. 3 digits were at some point (I sold for 950 back in 2007) but at the moment they have to have some meaning to have any value. Currently I still have a few ccc.nets but they correspond to their .com partner which I also...
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    Prevent buying domains from

    Wauw.. Simply wauw. They cant value their business rep much. I would never have expected that from Latonas. When you make such a mistake you stand by it. It was only 7000$ they stand to lose. I would think that a good business reputation was worth a lot more.. Thank you very much for the...
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    Receive payment with paypal

    I have used paypal to accept and make payments for direct deals on the forums since 2005. At one point I used moneybookers a lot as well since they are superior in my book. However winners takes all and Paypal won the E-wallet fight. Knock on wood so far I have been fine. Maybe having one or...
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    short Ended Are SOLD. Last call before I close this up and the remaining stay in the closet until they double in value again.
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    offers depe com

    Who cares Ken, make your offer or stay quiet. Comments are not allowed in sales threads. 1500$
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    Exclusive Benefit - Domain Sale Agreement

    To be honest this section never really lived up to its potential. But now that no working tools or information can be found I think it is time to remove it or in the very least the outdated content.
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    short Ended

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    Exclusive Benefit - Domain Sale Agreement

    Could we get this reposted again? EDIT Actually maybe this section should just be closed down or in the very least cleaned up a bit. I found zero working tools/resources here.
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