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    Lists of available names.. Feel free to ask for what you want.

    Here are the number of combinations: 3 Letter List (17576 Combinations) 3 Letter Number (27980 Combinations) 3 Number List (1000 Combinations) 4 Letter List (456976 Combinations) 4 Number List (10000 Combinations) 5 Number List (100000 Combinations) Letter-Letter (676 Combinations)...
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    broker Broker Wanted Section

    All Threads must list the actual domain names that you seek a broker for. No external links to lists or pm lists will be allowed. Why? Members cannot list the same names for sale here on the forum, while posting here for a broker for those same domains. Transparency is a must, so that any...
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    closed Test of tags

    test of tags
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    How To Post In This Advertisement Section

    In order to post your services in our advertising forum, there is a charge of $40 per month. Your advertising thread will be visible for a duration of 30 days from the date it is posted and placed live. To complete your purchase please click on the link below: Purchase Advertising Thread Here...
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    fixed price

    This is only a test thread
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    Looking for drone insurance names , if you have any post the names!

    title says it all
  8. A Seems to be having a legal issue Adam more on this:
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    short Over 200 - 4 letter .com's for sale!

    sold Minimum offers should be $300. Please post names you want and bids in the thread.
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    fixed price - 13 Years old / - Each 3 Years Old - 13 years old $4995 Would make for an excellent lead generation website. Find leads anywhere along the west coast (Canada, USA, South Africa, UK, etc). Leads can be travel agencies, small to large hotels & resorts, vacation homes, fishing & sailing charters and more...
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    cctld Looking To Buy 2 Letter Or 2 Character .ca's

    Looking to buy 2 letter or 2 character .ca's Email me at if you have any you wish to sell with pricing. Thanks! Adam
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    cctld Full Tbr List From November 19th Needed

    If you have it please email it to me at thanks! Adam
  13. A Launches Live Chat! Enjoy!
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    news Namescon Discount Code For Dnforum Members! / Exclusive! - Meet me in Vegas Baby! Adam Dicker will be teaching for a full day at NamesCon January 11th. This is the day before the conference starts and there is no charge if you are registered for Namescon! Use this link to get a discount on the conference in...
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    fixed price Domain Sales - 1 Day Only! And And More...

    Domain Sales - 1 day Only! - 95K - 95K - 145K - 50K - 95K - 50k - 19k Enjoy! First to post sold gets it! I am working on other new and exciting projects in the domain space!
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    Webhosting UK launches “Create a Website”, an easy to use, fully integrated website h

    WHUK, a Leeds-based website hosting provider, today announced the launch of Create a Website based on the DIY model, a completely new website hosting product aimed non-technical audience to help create their own website. (PRWeb April 07, 2014) Read the full story at...
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    Most expensive web domains

    There's a lot of crazy purchases out there, but who would have thought that buying something that's 'virtual' could rake in such a high price! While web domains are integral for a good business, getting a memorable one is especially … Continue reading More...
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    Loyalty360 and .CLUB Domains Present: Your Customers Are Members of Your Club - How a

    .CLUB Domains presents a webinar that focuses on new domain extensions that provide great opportunities for brand marketers to leverage domain names that actually add meaning and marketing value to whatever sits to the left of the dot. (PRWeb April 03, 2014) Read the full story at...
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    Most expensive web domains

    Here are the top 10 most expensive web domains of all time. More...
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    Quality recruitment domains put up for sale by the UKs first job aggregator

    For the first time in over 15 years approx. 1,000 sought after and valuable recruitment domains covering over 300 UK towns have been put up for sale by LocalRecruit and they can be acquired at very reasonable prices. More...
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