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  1. Dan Lakey

    fixed price

    I find your lack of faith disturbing..
  2. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Premium's more

    I'll do escrow again, Tony. I sent you my email addy
  3. Dan Lakey

    short KFKC - LLPZ - PPLW - .com llll

    Many offers, both forums. High offer is $4k. Looking for a touch more. These are not run-of-the-mill chips, these have double letter and some meaning. I've seen very similar ones go at auction in the $2k range each or more, and they had no meaning. Last call.. Edit: pending sale..
  4. Dan Lakey

    short LLLL com premium offers wanted.

    I'll offer $100 for all three of them.
  5. Dan Lakey

    short KFKC - LLPZ - PPLW - .com llll

  6. Dan Lakey


    .... Offer valid for 30 minutes
  7. Dan Lakey

    short Lot of 10 Quad Domains and others

    No. You can PM me your best offer. No. These type of quips go for much more. Appreciate it but no. Inching closer, but no. Thanks Oli. And I thank you, but no. No. No. Others have offered more, dude. Most of these are Chips, a few of them are Quips. All of these types are moving up fast...
  8. Dan Lakey

    Have a buyer looking for Tax related domain names

    TaxShop $4500 (.com)
  9. Dan Lakey

    short Lot of 10 Quad Domains and others

    Big Lot of 10 quad-premium names. Here is the list: Selling the whole lot. I particularly like LSND as it is a typo of "Land" or "Lend". Some real nice names in here that both Chinese and...
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