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  1. Dan Lakey

    short KFKC - LLPZ - PPLW - .com llll

  2. Dan Lakey

    short Lot of 10 Quad Domains and others

    Big Lot of 10 quad-premium names. Here is the list: Selling the whole lot. I particularly like LSND as it is a typo of "Land" or "Lend". Some real nice names in here that both Chinese and...
  3. Dan Lakey

    fixed price 4 Domains .com and .net Bulk Deal LLLL, Keyword, Tools, QUNO

    This listing is done Four domains for one price: (a real product category-killer name, 8 yrs old) - Moniker exp. 9-16 (nice cvcv with 'Uno', 9 yrs old) - Moniker exp. 5-16 (solid triple-premium...
  4. Dan Lakey

    auctions Super rare, only a handful exist. Gets a decent amount of traffic daily. Ends today. Most think it is a $4k-$6k name but the reserve is much lower. Any questions, post them in this thread. Not only is the "xxx" super...
  5. Dan Lakey

    short Chinese Premium Hong Kong High Def -

    If anyone's interested in making an offer.. Reasons why this name rocks: - it has two usuable acronyms: HK & HD - HK = Hong Kong - HD = High Definition - it contains double letter H (H & H) - no vowels - all premium letters Post serious offers here or in PM
  6. Dan Lakey

    fixed price 2 ( And..) For $38

    OAE*.com & MIP*.com Sold - sale over (Or individually at $24/ea) At GoDaddy. Both excellent triple-premiums. Paypal masspay/gift/family type payment. Multi-forum.
  7. Dan Lakey

    fixed price LLL, LLLL and LLLLL - etc

    Few names for sale. All pronounceable. All are at GoDaddy. Multi-forum thread. Post "sold" to claim. $20 (7 years old, expires in april) S****.com (6 years old, expires in march) Sold $119 (10 years old, expires in february. This price is much cheaper than...
  8. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Some Good LLLL... TGEW, etc

    Last price drop.. $32 each >>>$29 each >>> $23 each TGEW SOLD XARV Pending Sale LF** SOLD GG** SOLD GP** SOLD EEGZ EGJL Pending Sale OXOH Pending Sale LUFH Pending Sale HF** SOLD FXIZ Multiforum. All Dot Com. All at GoDaddy. Bulk offer welcome. PayPal Masspay or Gift.
  9. Dan Lakey

    Namejet Search error

    Is anyone else having problems when doing a search at Namejet using their "Saved Searches"? I get an Error page every time I have tried to search there for the past 4 days. They said they are aware of the problem and are looking in to it, yet my friends say it is working fine for them. Anyone...
  10. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Some Quality (,, etc)

    All Quality domains. Some are Pronounceable or semi-pron. Many are aged. Most are Triple-Premiums. A few have Repeat letters. All are registered at GoDaddy: *****Now take $5 off every name***** ** $55 (semi-pron) - 7 years old -SOLD $60 (pronounceable, gizmo, gizmodo)...
  11. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Assorted etc..

    All quality domains. Some are semi-Pronounceable. Many are Aged. Most are Triple-Premiums. A few have Repeat letters. All are registered at GoDaddy: $70 (many peoples last name) $30 $35 - Sold $30 - Pending sale $30 - Pending...
  12. Dan Lakey

    auctions LLLL At Cax auction:

    Here is the auction link for a one-word 4-letter dictionary name Tics: Auction ends this Saturday (April 27th) at about 2pm PST.
  13. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Two One Low Price: &

    Two domains for sale: (quad-premium, better than average letters, with repeat letters) -------- Pending sale (solid triple-repeat letters -- three L's) Take both domains for only -------- one name pending sale Paypal Gift or Masspay Registrar is GoDaddy Multi-forum post
  14. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Real Nice Triple-Premium LLLL.coms (, more..)

    Some kinda old, some real old. Some semi-pronounceables, all great letters. Some real gems in here.. "Elm" UTM*.com -- Sold "Rare Double AA" "Oaf" RLB*.com -- Sold -- sold
  15. Dan Lakey

    Some Good like, etc from $22 ea

    Your chance to invest in some great quality Each of them contain ALL good letters. Some have repeat letters. * Sold * Sold Pending Pending Pending Pending * Sold * Sold Pending Pending...
  16. Dan Lakey

    18 Very Good Quality (like etc) Wholesale-Priced

    Your chance to invest in some great quality Each of them contain ALL good letters. Some have repeat letters. All expire in 2013, plenty of time left. At Moniker (can transfer to Godaddy etc). * SOLD
  17. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Cheap

  18. Dan Lakey

    fixed price (GoDaddy) for Sale: -- cheap!

    Registered since 2004. Expires in 2013. At GoDaddy. Domain: Price: $195 PayPal Masspay or Gift pay. Dirt cheap for a with a good number... Multiforum. Grab it before its gone. :peace::peace::peace:
  19. Dan Lakey

    fixed price Quad-Premium w/Repeat Letters for $110 -- R U kidding Me?

    Near-impossible to find a repeat-letter Quad-Premium for this price right now. I am only selling because I need a quick few bucks to pay a Kabbage bill. Grab it before someone else. Quads like this have been going for about double this price at the major market places. Domain Name...
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