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    Rule 20 Misconstrued?

    Have I misinterpreted rule #20 or is there a bug within the forum only allowing 3 links for exclusive members? By reading this, I am allowed 3 links as an exclusive member. However, I am also allowed 1 image and use that as a link as well, making this a total of 4 links. If a signature...
  2. amplify

    Gtld Ranking

    I registered a .domains domain to ultimately list my domain portfolio once gTLD's become recognized. Possibly, for only gTLD's and not my .com/.net/.org/.us names. Unsure at the moment if I even want to keep it past a year. Just now I did a search for the branded, dictionary word + domains. I...
  3. amplify

    Trade Rating, Must Reply?

    Some people conduct deals in private. Why is it necessary to have both parties involved on a public thread in order to give trader rating? Some even go by solicited conversations with people who have "WTB" signatures. How are they supposed to reciprocate trade rating? This can get quite...
  4. amplify

    Please Fix Me, I'm Annoying

    I've posted this as a bug when DNF was first changed over, it's more of a nuisance now and all bugs seem to be fixed. It went unheard; even with others 'reporting' it too, so I've taken the liberty of displaying a graphical representation of our concerns if you may not understand what we mean...
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  6. amplify

    Forbes: You're All Cybersquatters

    Trying to find an updated list of gTLD's by the registration numbers, without getting zone files and counting myself, I found this article about how Forbes claims we're cybersquatting on the new gTLD's. In other news, does anyone have a website that updates this often with either raw numbers or...
  7. amplify

    Rookmedia: Gtld's

    You accept .recipes, but .pics, .link and .domains (only tested thus far) are invalid domains. Is there a reason behind this? Are you going to incorporate all gTLD's ( or a select few? If so, which ones? Thanks
  8. amplify

    Showcase .pics

    Haven't seen this thread created or if anyone got into .pics. Obviously some have if names such as host[.]pics, cloud[.]pics, etc. are registered. Please feel free to criticize my selection so I know which ones to drop next year (possibly). After several weeks of thinking and reading @Theo 's...
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    The favicon disappeared after the upgrade making this forum unrecognizable with so many tabs open. Could you please generate a favicon to distinct it from the rest of the open tabs with a fitting forum/DNF design or just a blue square for all I care?
  10. amplify

    Local Time

    I just noticed after posting a reply that the "local time" was 4:30. I said to myself that it couldn't be that late already. It turned out to be 3:30. I don't know if you have JST set wrong or it's an hour off for everyone.
  11. amplify

    Start Conversation / Profile

    I know you can click on a person's name in the "postbit" section of a thread/post by an individual to start a new conversation, but what if you want to view their profile first (see trading comments, etc.)? :confused: If you go to someone's profile page, it doesn't have a "start conversation"...
  12. amplify

    Parking Tos?

    I don't want to call anyone out, but I came across this: The website has all 404 pages and embedded is an iframe to a parking company with relevant links. What parking company allows this and is it against the TOS? o_O
  13. amplify

    Annoying Alerts

    It's kinda annoying to get alerts with X/new posts in an entire forum (e.g. "There are (10) new posts in Domain News, Beginners Guides and Legal Stuff!"). Can this be turned off?
  14. amplify

    Expand All Subforums

    Could we have the option to expand all the sub forums so that they appear like before under the main forum instead of the down arrow to display them in a list (either a "expand all" button/link that does it when we go to the main forum or an option in our preferences to display them all the...
  15. amplify

    gTLD – Fad or Here to Stay?

    Strictly speaking in the United States, the US Census shows a population of 104,853,555 for those that are 24 and under (33.9% of the total population). Though growth between 2000 and 2010 was lower than expected, it did see similar results of that from 1980 to 1990. There could be 2 arguments...
  16. amplify


    Not much discussion on this backorder service for about a year and at that time it was AVOID, SCAM, SPAM, etc. reviews. However, I came across a domain name that I want and it's owned by a registry that links to BellNames (though on another that uses the same cookie cutter template as the...
  17. amplify

    auctions | $1

    A L L S T A R A R C A D E . C O M a l l s t a r a r c a d e . c o m Current Bid: $6 Next Binding Bid: $11 A good brandable name to use for any start-up game site that only has the best games to offer their visitors or to keep in your portfolio, starting at just a one dollar. Currently at...
  18. amplify

    Criminal Justice Acronym Domains / Minisites

    The following domains are four letter dot com's in the criminal justice, law and educational niches with appropriate and fitting acronyms. They have been developed into minisites with relevant content for their meaning, running the Genesis framework and StudioPress themes coupled with other paid...
  19. amplify

    GoDaddy: Pending Whois Verification?

    I've just noticed in my domain management of GD that a lot of my domains are 'Pending Whois Verification' (as opposed to 'Active'). What does this mean? I've tried sending multiple emails to all associated with them, but not receiving them to some and not changing the status to others. Is this...
  20. amplify

    Dev Null for Nameservers?

    Is there like a /dev/null for nameservers or is there a rule against that? I put my nameservers as * 2 on GD and next thing you know, they're back to ns* This morning we had a 6.7 and I own the disaster domain Forgetting to post...
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