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    Agree / Disagree buttons

    Definitely easy to do, but don't want to rush this as the decision will probably set precedence for our next 20 years online (20th Anniversary this month!).
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    political Politics

    You are with this post. It doesn't clearly separate the two different issues, opening you up for attack at one angle of being incorrect. Pelosi tweet on Muslim ban (actually contraction, but whining about it). And: Pelosi on CNN is about the China travel ban. Two separate issues, easy to...
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    political Politics

    You're conflating the two in one argument because that's how the media set it up. I only say this because you're highlighting the snippets from the left arguing the Muslim ban while applying it to the China/Covid ban argument. I showed you that 1 is for security (per @JennBlogger) and 1 was for...
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    political Politics

    After doing some digging, I actually find agreement with @JennBlogger, and disagreement, on this one, as they are focusing on one policy while doing a sleight of hand on the real issue. The President signed two proclamations on 1/31/2020, one having to do with security and the other having to...
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    question Media Options

    If they can deliver you what you would like in a timely manner, there's no reason not to let them try. I just wouldn't tie my domains up with them if I'm not getting results "promised". If they're wanting to broker 3, let them do 1 first. Then, decide whether you'd like to work with them more or...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all at DNForum

    Hope you all had a wonderful turkey day. :)
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    discussion "I think a promo deal with .ONLINE is worth pursuing." Who said this?

    I'll still bow out and go with what works. But, I hope you and all the other .online investors the best! Maybe @sufyanalani can make this happen.
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    political Politics

    You think the right is just as closed-minded as the left is? Perhaps it's just me surrounding myself with differing opinions to draw my own conclusions.
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    news GoDaddy data breach exposes information from over 1 million people

    Do explain... I think I've made myself very clear that the hackers are the root of the issue in both cases without beating a dead horse.
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    news GoDaddy data breach exposes information from over 1 million people

    Source: Tell me it's not about Epik or @robmonster without telling me it's not about Epik or Rob now. I hear crickets from the likes of Brad Mugford, Johnn, and company, who should be all over this one as well if all...
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    political Politics

    The left cannot agree with anything the right says or does. I can agree with some things Joe Rogan has said, but then again, he's far-right. 🙄 I don't know if, for the most part, the right is so unwelcoming of new ideas compared to the left that seems to just close up.
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    dropcatch Is DropCatch down?

    I have been getting this error message from DropCatch for a while now. I'm wondering if anyone else is receiving it or if it's a cache.
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    epik How come Epik only allow 5 Nameservers?

    Probably best for mission-critical sites as you stated in the other thread so that the possibility of all of them going down at once isn't the case. I would be interested in knowing if Epik has all of this infrastructure in place themselves or if they're leasing it from someone like DNSMadeEasy...
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    news GoDaddy data breach exposes information from over 1 million people

    There are real people that are affected behind the scenes, not counting the ones that had their content hosted and could be a target to even customers of theirs, so we'll just have to agree to disagree. No. The poster looks like they marked it "controversial" so only logged-in members can see...
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    news GoDaddy data breach exposes information from over 1 million people

    Justice is only served when the hackers are caught. They have caused untold millions of dollars in losses already. That is not justice.
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    discussion build a website

    I've seen a YouTube ad for a Black Friday sale at Hostinger for $1.99. That reminds me that the holidays are coming up and you might be able to get a really crazy deal for hosting like prepaid 1 year for $10. Be on the lookout!
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    news GoDaddy data breach exposes information from over 1 million people

    I would have expected more of an impact on $GDDY following yesterday's decline this pre-market... but looking pretty flat so far.
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    appraise Snapvacancies. Com

    Vacancies is just too difficult of a word. I can see what you might have been going for here, but I would prefer snaprooms, snapplaces, etc. over this. I'd say reg fee.
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    political Politics

    With how the left treats People of Color that stray from the narrative, I'm more inclined the believe that a Black person would have been charged, but his race and photos would be buried, and possibly even the trial coverage until a 'not guilty' verdict.
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    political Politics

    Because they can't stop with directed personal attacks. The mixed bag was arguing the point, again, that they were previously warned about doing instead of letting it go, resulting in a 72-hour ban.
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