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    PR1 6 years old PR1 Age: 6 years old Backlinks DA16 Registrar:
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    Big Keyword Domains - and others

    Willing to accept offers on: 6,600 searches/mth ; CPC $1.91 246,00 searches/mth ; CPC $3.58 2,900 searches/mth ; CPC $9.39
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    developed 7 year Old Survey Site - NationalSurveys dot Org - Top 10 Ranking In Google

    On Sale Today Is: Age: 7 years PR 1 + Backlinks Website Description: Blog with unique content articles about paid surveys including affiliate links to survey programs. Google ranking for keywords (according to semrush): get paid for doing surveys #5 get paid for doing...
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    fixed price 7 Year Old PageRank 2

    For sale: Pronounceable, Spanish term for 'dude.' Age: 7 years PR2 Registrar: Price: $150
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    Real One Word Dictionary Domain -

    For Sale Now: Beautiful rare single word domain. Post SOLD to claim. registrar: (free push) expiry: 5 Apr 2012
  6. O | 2 year old domain | High Paying Jewelery Niche | Traffic + Income

    I'm selling this domain: Age: almost 2 years Niche: Gems/Jewellery/Womens Fashion Traffic Stats: Jan - Dec 2011: 2714 Unique Visitors Jan - Feb 2012: 459 Unique Visitors Domain used to be a PR3; now PR0 because I never worked on building backlinks. Domain is...
  7. O | PR2 | 3-character generic domain | With TRAFFIC

    Re-listing this since my earlier post on this topic was closed because I forgot to include the domain in the title. I didn't forget this time.:ok: FOR SALE now is this short 3-character generic domain. PageRank 2 Age: almost 4 years Traffic (number of unique visitors)...
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    FOR SALE PR2 | RARE 3-character generic domain | Aged ~ 4 years | with TRAFFIC

    FOR SALE now is this short 3-character generic domain. PageRank 2 Age: almost 4 years Traffic (number of unique visitors) Jan - Dec 2011: - 2413 unique visitors Jan - Feb 2012: 300 unique visitors Registrar: (free transfer to your account) Paypal...
  9. O - age 7 years

    For Sale: Age: 7 years The site promotes College Level Examination Program (CLEP) notes & study guides. Has got good ranking in the search engines for various search terms including: #1 on Google for: clep notes #2 on Yahoo for: clep notes BIN: $20 Expiry: 9th...
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    How I Sold A Stupid Domain

    Free ebook download from:
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    Edit signature

    I'm trying to edit my signature and I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I looked under My Profile but just can't see where I can do this. I should know this! :disappointed: Maybe I'm blind. :cool: Member since 2004...:sigh2:
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    $2 cool flash banners

    I will customize a flash banner for you. see samples at: I'll insert your company name and slogan for you and link it to your URL. Everyone knows that nobody clicks on regular banners anymore. But these flash banners still have the power to...
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    Want A Cool Flash Intro For Your Site?

    How would you like a stunning flash intro promoting your website, domains or business? See sample here: I will customise the text that you want to appear in the intro template shown in the sample. Selling only a limited number. Get one now...
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    PERMANENT PR4 links for just $20 -- don't miss!

    Get a powerful PR4 link for your site/blog in time for the next Google PageRank update. Niches available: tech, home, pets, entertainment, dance, environment, recycling, home improvement, DIY, etc. Note: I will accept links that are not specifically in these niches but NOT links related to...
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    ADVERTISE your sites or products

    I own about 60 websites in many different niches and themes. I am opening up space for advertisers - text links, banner ads, in-content links, hosted pages... Many of my sites have PageRank, some have thousands/hundreds of backlinks, many are aged, indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing, a few...
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    Solid Generic, Brandable Valid PR4 Domains - and others

    Now looking for offers on these solid generic and brandable PR4 domain names. All are valid PR4 and non-dropped, indexed in Google, has backlinks in Yahoo, etc. *Get these domains and get INSTANT PageRank 4 sites complete with backlinks and traffic. *Link your lesser ranked sites on these...
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    Great diabetes domain name: + product

    This domain is for sale: BIN: $20 registrar: GoDaddy. free push I'm also going to give the lucky buyer my 84 page ebook (PDF format) entitled, "Balancing Diabetes" which you can sell at any price on your site and keep all the profits yourself.Looking for the...
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    A couple of PageRank 2 domains for sale - & 1 other (PR2, age: 3 years) (PR2, age: 4 years) registrar: DomainSite, free push domains expire in end of March & April respectively. Pls post offer.
  19. O (used to be a PR2) expires: 2 Apr 2011 BIN: $20
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    offers for

    Considering offers for this domain: age: 3 yrs starting at $30
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