1. Z

    appraise MrGifto.Com Appraise this please

    Please anyone appraise this domain
  2. jhm


    Domain: Inspiration: Hire (plumbing) Appraisals welcome
  3. A

    appraise Please Appraisal -

    Please Appraisal -
  4. fragicide

    appraise 2 Domains, vaultdefender & domainlockr

    I'd greatly appreciate some opinions on these two domains I recently registered. I think I may have jumped the gun thinking they were valuable. Thanks!
  5. A


    Hello. What do you think about this domain's value? Thank you.
  6. K

    appraise InternetWebSearch - Potential Search Engine? InternetWebSearch Possibilities: Search Engine Home Page Thx!
  7. S

    appraise Appraisals Please- + 3 More I know this one is a bit long, originally bought for person use in a sub of the "MMO" niche Even longer! Haha. Bought for a metaphysical/spiritual ecommerce store 5 Letters! Bought for an eco-friendly/environmental shop
  8. D

    appraise 10 Domains Appraisal

    Hello everyone, I’d to know your opinion about the following domains I’ve recently registered:
  9. clasione

    fixed price Over 200 Domains - 95% at Sedo Appraisal Tool Prices

    I just moved my domains back from Efty to Sedo as this is where the majority of sales look to be happening these days. About 95% of these domains are now listed at SEDO Appraised market value (what the tool indicates should be used for quicker sales). A few I prefer to hold onto or are live...
  10. adnilety

    appraise,,, - appraisal please

    Hi Everybody These domains/keywords have very high keyword type in rates especially Beijing and HongKong they are in the multiple millions each month. Y7 is a big type in for games and for Australian channel 7 TV. H4 has type ins for Halogen bulbs, specialised pumps and a couple of other...
  11. M

    appraise Please Help me on Appraisal

    Hi everybody, I have check the value of my domain on EstiBot and DomainIndex and found it 5.7K and 30.5K respectivly, I know that automatic appraisals are not giving the write value, so I need help from domain experts to tell me their opinion on my domain value.
  12. DrHUS

    appraise appraisal

    Hello, I'm thinking to sell these domains and would like to know if you could help me with the value. Thank you!

    appraise close

  14. W

    appraise appraisal

    Hello all, Can you please give some suggestions for the price I can ask for Thanks a lot :)
  15. E


    This was a website a long time ago, it dropped, and I picked it up in November of 2015. It isn't developed, so I'm just curious on the price of the domain itself. I think it is super brandable. Thanks to all who view this!
  16. B

    appraise for appraisal please

    I know it's specific but I've noticed that periscope has really taken off since it started back in March of 2015 this article from WSJ gives me hope and shows where the direction is going
  17. C


    One word .info domain, first time registered in 2007. 50k exact search volume. What do you think guys?
  18. A


    Hi, I need an appraisal for Umrica is what we call America/US in Indian accent. I intend to build a community site for Indians in America and the others who intend to infiltrate america loaded with their Knowledge guns and IT bombs. I have an investor who wants to be a part of...
  19. M


    so, i’ve recently acquired through a reliable source. but anyways, I’ve been looking for an appraisal, i don’t have much info, but here: Domain : Domain Authority : 7/100 Page Rank : 22/100 Spam Score : 5/17 Age : 3 years, registered Mid 2012 i believe. Notes...
  20. S


    Global monthly searches - 50 Adwords Competition Global- 91 CPC - 36.82 USD Estibot value- $ 940 USD and both taken by the same owner and is for sale at $2875. How much is the appraisal value for this domain . And kindly can anyone...
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