1. Z

    appraise MrGifto.Com Appraise this please

    Please anyone appraise this domain
  2. M

    appraise,, and

    Hello, I am looking for an appraisal of the following sites:, and I am fairly new to selling domains but would like to list them for auction to an enduser on GoDaddy. Anything will help. Thanks,
  3. leelovell

    So I've created a new appraisal tool @

    Hi, I'm new so I hope this is a good place to list my latest development. Thought I'd see what people though about a new tool I've created. It's very very early days and I've called it an alpha when it may actually be in the earlier stages. I've put it public (to those who know the link) just...
  4. Nathaniel Fried


    Just bought this domain for $6, any ideas on value?
  5. Nathaniel Fried

    appraise Appraisal

    Want to know what is worth? Fendi is a massive handbag dealing brand operating worldwide and selling handbags for $500+ Thanks in advance!
  6. I


    Kindly appraise this domain for me. A search on google returns 4.8 billion results.
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