1. Z

    appraise MrGifto.Com Appraise this please

    Please anyone appraise this domain
  2. A

    appraise - Plus Symbols Medical too , Appraise Please

    Sex.Plus I think no need to explain lot about this keyword, almost all domains are gone or locked. So kindly Appraise Please. Thanks in Advance
  3. X

    appraise Please appraise

    Hi there. Just wondered what you guys think the worth of this domain is. Cheers
  4. W

    appraise Please appraise **** AppleMouse

    Hello; Please appraise AppleMouse [dot] com Thank you.
  5. W

    appraise Please appraise **** WorldsBestCoffe

    Hello; Please appraise WorldsBestCoffe [dot] com Thank you.
  6. Muhammad Danial

    appraise appraise please

    kindly appraise
  7. P

    appraise Please appraise and another.

    Your feedback on would be appreciated. I also have Thanks
  8. C

    appraise Please appraise with developed website

    Please appraise website and domain name. Any thoughts, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  9. xen11

    appraise Please appraise

    I bought this domain a few weeks ago. What do you guys think? It is a new domain. thanks
  10. D

    appraise Please appraise One word Gaming?
  11. EnnisP

    appraise Please appraise the following three domain names

    Please appraise the following three undeveloped domain names: Thanks
  12. J

    appraise Please appraise my collection of 8 stockphotos.(cctld) domains

    Please appraise this collection of 8 "stockphotos" domains I am owner of: (.sk is .ccTLD of Slovak Republic) (.cz is .ccTLD of Czech Republic) (.mx is .ccTLD of Mexico) (.it is .ccTLD of Italy) (.li is .ccTLD of...
  13. S


    Global monthly searches - 50 Adwords Competition Global- 91 CPC - 36.82 USD Estibot value- $ 940 USD and both taken by the same owner and is for sale at $2875. How much is the appraisal value for this domain . And kindly can anyone...
  14. S


    I think this domain name is somewhat brand-able! Blboss= Backlinks boss , Body language boss, Business logic boss etc. Good pronunciation and easy to remember . However it doesn't get any searches in google :/ Also I think I can sell it to an end user in fiverr who goes by the same username...
  15. Ryman123


    Please appraise if you would be so kind. What do you think I should price it for a solid sale?
  16. I


    Kindly appraise this domain for me. A search on google returns 4.8 billion results.
  17. zzzkkk

    closed Is It Worthy ?

    Just caught it from expired for a few bucks (parked now with Voodoo). 4,46CPC although hoped to get traffic (mostly mistyped entries) , it doesn't get a lot. I am thinking to delete for grace. Any appraisal suggestions, is it worthy ??? I have a few hours left
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