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  1. Siful Moni

    discussion Some Success Records of Bangladeshi Domainer in Last 1.5 Years !!!

    Few Days ago I've posted a thread where I've mentioned that there were a few domainers in Bangladesh. Here is my previous thread "Domain Industry in Bangladesh" Actually domain industry in Bangladesh growing rapidly. In the last 1 year it has expanded 10x faster than ever here. People are...
  2. clasione

    news An Unbiased New gTLD Case Study is Coming

    "If you follow my updates you will be aware that I am usually more of a bashing-type of domainer when it comes to new gTLDs because I feel they are confusing to average Internet users compounding onto other negatives I’ve found, so if this change does not help the website, you can rest assured...
  3. Domain Author

    Don't Be Greedy In Domain Business - You May End Up Losing Huge Amount Of Money

    I happen to be present at the DOMAINX Conference that was recently held in Hyderabad. Here is something that I think is worth sharing. One of the messages that was stressed upon multiple number of times by many veterans was that you need to "Stop Being Greedy" when dealing in domain names. It...
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