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  1. picassoface

    cctld Baumgartner.us - name

    Baumgartner.us If you can find a Baumgartner to buy it, i will split profit with you..... (Last name .us usually sell in 500-700range)
  2. boonex

    cctld s. WATCH is for sale

    please make a offer
  3. picassoface

    cctld alv.us

    Alv.us offers ? $30 buys it
  4. domainbartender

    cctld over

  5. picassoface

    cctld Ciri.us

    Ciri.us Taking offers, PM me...Great opportunity BIN = 100 Last chance - $70
  6. johnnywj


    Closed. New theads started with more names.
  7. domainstand

    cctld RATES.TV ~ Mortgage/Financial Domain !

    Regular renewal at godaddy BIN $1000 all reasonable offers considered escrow.com or paypal
  8. zenlogo

    cctld BIRD.WATCH --- for sale

    bird.watch www.bird.watch Held at GoDaddy Expiry: Nov. 6, 2015 Terms: Escrow - buyer pays all Escrow fees. BIN: $5000 USD Offers considered. Reduced! BIN: $3500.
  9. Howie Crosby

    cctld GSX.SE (3L SWEDEN anyone can buy.) Wholesale.

    gsx.se With 101Domain.com Expires 06 Aug 2016. Domain Price Date Venue msb.se $141,550 2009-11-27 Private hus.se $59,407 2006-11-25 Private dna.se $19,922 2008-03-19 Sedo uka.se $13,717 2014-04-16 Sedo uhr.se $6,026 2012-10-24 Sedo rtg.se $5,633 2013-06-12 Sedo nlu.se $5,600 2015-07-10...
  10. R

    cctld closed

  11. domainbartender

    cctld over

  12. dot.us

    cctld .

  13. dot.us

    cctld 3DArt.se, Voyage.nu, eJOB.se

    * PM for more info or your offer's * write the price you offer in PM * no price in PM no answer from me 3DArt.se eJOB.se Voyage.nu
  14. vccground

    cctld Payday.asia

    One word, ultra premium domain name - Payday.asia Looking for offers. Send PM. Thanks.
  15. darkNstormy

    cctld Storage.tv

    Domain is with Godaddy, regular renewal fee. Storage.tv Price: $450 Payment - Paypal Thanks! David
  16. domainbartender

    cctld Over


    cctld short numeric .IO's only good CN numbers SALE, 667.io etc.

    Some easy to remember / easy to type numerics in the .IO extension , 99$ each all at namecheap ready to push. 667.io 676.io 677.io 6789.io take 776.io 7788.io 780.io 7878.io SOLD 868.io 8877.io 8886.io 8887.io 889.io SOLD 9876.io...
  18. D

    cctld del.co

  19. Nick

    closed over

  20. domainbartender

    cctld Over

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