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  1. TwoWordComs

    WANTED - CPC Analysis

    I have heard that you pay less for CPC for PPC ads where the domain name itself matches the keyword being searched for, with this in mind: 1.Is there any way (without setting up a website) that I could find out what the CPC would be to advertise the keyword 'Snowmobiles' from my domain name...
  2. LarryWentz

    Exact Match/Broad Match Search Results & CPC - Best Tool?

    So I admit I use Estibot to look at exact & broad match tool results... but is it accurate? Where do they get their results? Do they combine Google, Bing & Yahoo results somehow? I note one domain broker lists exact match/cpc results in their newsletter but their results are higher than Estibot...
  3. accurate

    auctions CrowdSource(.)us - CPC $6.40 - BIN $1,499

    Crowdsource(.)US up for sale. Booming and growing industry. https://flippa.com/6371792-crowdsource-us Massive CPC (cost per click) $6.40.
  4. T

    fixed price Closed

    Closed (multi forum post)
  5. KCGroup


    List of domains for sale (All GoDaddy): J*********.org **SOLD** E************.com NO LONG AVAILABLE B********.com **SOLD** L*******.com **SOLD** F***************.com **SOLD** I***************.com **SOLD** D******************.com **SOLD** H***********.com **SOLD** We offer significant...
  6. NameAgency

    auctions [above Auction] Mmtp.org. +$300 Last 30 Days.

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