1. lelandli

    .com Registrar : eName Technology Co.,Ltd Created at 2002.01.02 Expiration time 2022.01.02 Use epik/escrow services or escrow/com Want to buy, please send your offer Thank you
  2. T

    .com CVCV & 4L QUICK SALE - vuhi

    PEFO.COM. 5000 USD . 3300 usd EMGB.COM 14 YEARS 400 USD
  3. D

    closed at GoDaddy - CVCV - less than 24 hours to go on auction at GoDaddy. Auction ends 2018/12/17 01:15 PM (PST). Registered at GoDaddy.
  4. S

    offers 1 word CVCV! 1 word CVCV! Looking for mid $xx,xxx at only push and paypal as payment. BTC ETH LTC XRP also ok.
  5. P

    fixed price Sale over

  6. Y

    offers Premium cvcv dot com:

    I Only consider offer above US Dollar $10,000 each. Please post your offer in the thread or pm me with your offer. trade through and buyer pays fee Similar domain names : sold for $500k sold for $300k sold for $133K sold for $100k sold...
  7. D

    auctions CVCV at Flippa on auction at Flippa Auction ends 13 Oct 2016 17:08:11 UTC
  8. D

    short - cvcv Offers in thread or by PM.
  9. A

    short: fixed Sold

  10. Jahfree

    short: fixed & & &'s!

  11. Gerry

    short RARE all vowel, Double Letters

    UUAO.COM Accepting offers over $1000.00usd Please post or email (NO PM's) email:
  12. together4forever

    auctions DAYY.COM Premium 4 Letter LLLL .com Domain Names

    Last Sold at Flippa for $3000. Domain like these have sold for over $15000. This is one of the finest as the Root is owned by Adobe & Day is also a popular Surname. It is also a CVCY Auction Starts at $3000 Reserve will be added in due course. Auction ends 72 Hrs after Last Bid...
  13. vital


    cvcv GoDaddy make offer
  14. BostonDomainer


  15. vital

    short: fixed ended

  16. vital


    nice brand! make offer... received few lowball offers. any serious offers? up
  17. vital

    short: fixed - $749

    PayPal/GD push $749 price lowered again! up
  18. vital

    short ---

  19. D

    auctions and at GoDaddy - CVCV CVVC -ends Thursday on auction at GoDaddy Auction ends 2015/07/16 02:07 PM (PDT) on auction at GoDaddy Auction ends 2015/07/16 02:06 PM (PDT) 24 hours left. Bid now. Please :cool:
  20. vital

    short: fixed sold

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