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  1. benimalanlarim

    .com Playmuzik.com

    Domain Name : playmuzik.com End Date : 2022-07-08 Registrar : Sav.com, LLC Price : Bid Method: ($) Make an Offer! Domain Name is For Sale on Dan,com company,
  2. H

    appraise How much value can you give to this domain? bikes.digital

    Hello, This is harsh lilhore. I have a domain name "bikes.digital". Now I am looking to sell it. But I'm still confused that, how much it would be sold for? Please give your kind appraisals. Thank you.
  3. CupidName.com

    auctions Sold.Digital - Keyword Domain is currently on auction with NO RESERVE!

    Bid today on Sold.Digital today! https://www.ebay.com/itm/273480629405?ul_noapp=true
  4. P

    offers DigitalCouponApp.com, MobileCouponApp.com, iCouponApp.com, plus .com plurals.

    Please make offers on the following domain names via PM. MobileCouponApp.com - Mobile Coupon App MobileCouponsApp.com - Mobile Coupons App DigitalCouponApp.com - Digital Coupon App DigitalCouponsApp.com - Digital Coupons App iCouponApp.com - i Coupon App iCouponsApp.com - i Coupons App...
  5. edenCC

    offers Digital City for sale!

    The domain name is di gi c ity .com, which is the combination of "digi AND city". Taking offers start at $12k Thanks
  6. Azam.net

    World's First Digital Agency / Domainer Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Surprise Announcement!

    Award-winning digital advertising agency and domain name trader Azam Marketing is celebrating its momentous twenty year anniversary this month with twenty philanthropic donations. Since its founding in the embryonic days of the world wide web on 4 August 1997, Azam Marketing has grown into one...
  7. rmbdomains

    Selling $8k in digital ocean credit for $5k in BTC

    I have an account with $8k in digital ocean credit. These are fully legal credits that I won but have no use for. The credit is valid for approximately 6 months from now. Will sell it for $5k USD worth of Bitcoin. Here's my BTC address: 3P4uh7eysaimJLX9EGN6UrFVyJn7Qga6U7 PM me with your...
  8. Bravo

    fixed price DigitalArk,com | 16 years old

    DigitalArk,com Created in 1999 BIN $599
  9. Bravo

    fixed price DigitalArk,com | 16 years old

    DigitalArk,com Created in 1999 BIN $499
  10. P

    appraise CloudDigital.net

    Hey guys any ideas what this might be worth? Cloud domains seem to have some value but not sure how much the .net extension lets it down.. Cheers
  11. U

    offers Category killer Domain DigitalPrinters.com

    DigitalPrinters.com , registered on July 21,1998 is on sale. Estibot value $ 49,000 Five figure offers $$,$$$ are invited. Transaction will be through escrow.com with fees split equally. Offers/questions by PM only.
  12. Bravo

    offers DigitalArk,com | 16 years old

    DigitalArk,com Created in 1999 Accepting offers
  13. Anayama

    auctions <24hrs left $1 @Flippa: DigitalBracelet.com, ProudCure.com, and more

    less than 24 hours left ! Grab one before its gone. No Reserve $1 Start: DigitalBracelet.com BuyBongsOnline.com ProudCure.com MissingPlane.com flippa.com/5100493-aged-keyword-domain-with-high-search-volume less than 24 hours left!
  14. Anayama

    offers A few Product related and Brandables, ex: DigitalBracelet.com, BuyBongsOnline.com, etc

    All are .com, expire April/May 2016, registered at Godaddy Product related (amazon friendly!) DigitalBracelet HolidayMugs LoafCakes BuyBongsOnline Brandable / Development Bitscoop Fidsy Parkerdevelopment MissingPlane (200k searches/mo) CaixaSimulador.com (40k searches/mo) Alcosynth (upcoming...
  15. Howie Crosby


    DigitalCarShowroom.com $125 Created: 9/7/2012 Expires: 9/7/2015 Accept PayPal. Thank you.
  16. Bravo

    Digitalark,com | 16 Years Old

    DigitalArk,com Created in 1999 BIN $549
  17. Bravo

    Digitalark,com | 15 Years Old

    DigitalArk,com Created in 1999 Accepting offers
  18. U

    Digitalprinters.com At A Low Bin Price

    Exact Match Domain DigitalPrinters.com (estibot appraisal $ 49,000) is on sale at sedo BIN price is GBP 9,999 (about $ 17,120). At this price is a bargain. Buy it before someone else does. regards.
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