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  1. amplify

    news Introducing "WWYP?" appraisals

    A domain name used to have to be owned by the user requesting other members to make a domain name appraisal on DNForum. Though, members sometimes would like to know what others would pay for a domain name prior to clicking up that "Buy Now" button. The reasoning behind wanting to know a value...

    .com firstonlinepharmacy.net

    firstonlinepharmacy.net - First Check Google History - and Then Revert back for The Prime Domain Name - Bidy. Send Your Bid above 4999$ - Not Interested in Cheap offers - or Block Time Passer

    .com Buzinessman.com

    Buzinessman.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domain Name: Buzinessman.com [Sounds Like – Businessman] Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. DomainsForSaleDotMe

    offers Typo.domains And Appraise.domains

    Two potentially profitable domain names. Pm all offers. Appraise.domains SOLD Typo.domains Registrar: Porkbun Expires: 04/29/2021 Payments Accepted: Escrow.com, PayPal, and Cryptocurrency
  5. D

    appraise try4.com

    Owned since 2000. Any thoughts?
  6. T

    appraise Guigongyu.com

    Please appraise the ..language is Chinese.thanks
  7. G

    appraise 购买.cn (xn--ckq724m.cn)

    Hi, 购买.cn (xn--ckq724m.cn) Sell or HODL?
  8. R

    appraise Vidbio.com: Request For Appraisal

    Oops, not IDN; how do I move this?
  9. Valentino1124

    closed AreaCodes.Cn

    Could anyone tell me how much Areacodes.Cn could be worth. I remember seeing Areacodes.com go for $16,000 while searching on Google. I don't expect the .Cn extension ( China extension ) I have to go for the same. However, I need to know if there is any value at all. In addition, I do know the...
  10. D

    closed ecopod.com Request for Appraisal

    https://www.ecopod.com has a keyword search of 1900 per month. I've been holding on to this for 10 years. Apple came after me when I applied for a trademark. I'm a newbie. Please advise. Cheers...Douglas
  11. Thoriso

    closed Ð±Ð¸Ñ‚цоин.com valuation please input your opinions

    I just picked up xn--90aoaudx2a.com (битцоин.com) a new registration on Namecheap!! How lucky is that? Please tell me its atleast worth 10 bitcoins! Pretty please! I have only $10 invested in this domain and I was just horsing around on this whole bitcoin/bubble (yes I know it is a...
  12. L

    closed Please appraise 比特币.com

    Please appraise 比特币.com. 比特币 is the Chinese word for Bitcoin. This domain receives ~80 type-in monthly visits.
  13. J

    closed mrgreenbacks.com, teapartyrules.com

    I would very much appreciate some help. I have had quite a few domain names since 2009, but I am new at actively trying to sell them, but don't know how to price them. Here are a few I would like to sell fairly quickly - any appraisals are appreciated. mrgreenbacks.com teapartyrules.com...
  14. J

    closed Leanthings.com for starters

    I am new here, and hope I'm on the correct forum. I have close to a hundred domain names I want to sell; no luck on Sedo.com. I don't know if I should hire a broker?? ( I have the .net and .org for most as well as .com) I would like some educated opinions on these, please. leanthings.com...
  15. Franka

    closed halalapps.ru and others ,please

    halalapps.ru halalsquare.ru halalinside.ru halalproducts.ru herbalsupplements.ru dietingsupplies.ru computercloseouts.ru highspeedbroadband.ru 4gmobilephones.ru bodybuildingsupplies.ru fastbroadband.ru beautynutrition.ru domainhostess.ru
  16. Franka

    closed .txw.in for appraisal ,thanks

    txw.in mzs.in
  17. M

    closed A few Chinese & Japanese .co IDNs for appraisal and other ideas 法.co

    Sold a long-forgotten-about domain a couple of weeks back and was wondering what to do with some of the proceeds, then noticed that the .co people were making Asian IDNs available as of last night. Had a sniff around and after a some caffeine & nicotine, I ended up with this lot: Country IDN...
  18. D

    closed A few IDN's Ḿ.NET ( XN--UHG.NET)

    No idea if any of these are worth anything just got a bunch of them at one time seems like not many people buy these just tossing these out at random. Ḿ.NET ( XN--UHG.NET) 고수.COM (XN--299AK61B.COM) べ.NET ( XN--59J.NET ) ПОШТА.ORG ( XN--80A1ACN3A.ORG ) ДАТУВАННЯ.COM...
  19. I

    closed BOX.COM Domain is 14 Years OLD

    BOX.COM Hello. I would like to know Whats the minimum price I should ask for this domain name? I had offers for $2000 Domain is almost 14 years.
  20. G

    closed HumanCaused.com

    I need some help in the valuation of this DN. Tons of Human Caused problems, global warming, trash in the seas, air pollution, water pollution, etc. Sorry, wrong forum. Thanks
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