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  1. P

    closed need thoughts on these domains please jewelry.ac

    guess i went a little crazy on the jewelry domains one day BUT i have no clue what to do with them are they worth something. ive had some appraised some say zero some say 13,000.00 im confused (and yes i make and sell jewelry under jerseyjewelry.net) jewelry.ac jewelry.ar.com jewelry.br.com...
  2. S

    closed GuaranteedEducationTuition.com

    Please appraise GuaranteedEducationTuition.com Keyword: Guaranteed Education Tuition CPC:$13 Local Monthly Searches:1000 Global Monthly Searches:1000 Thank you
  3. BladeMaster

    closed xn--7cb.net (Ö°.net) - Please Appraise

    xn--7cb.net (ְϘ.net) Not sure what it worth. Can you please appraise
  4. domainmagnet

    closed Single Letter Domains

    Hello, I own the following domains in Spanish, do you have an idea what is the value of each domain approximately? Thank you, Tarek Ꮇ.com xn--t9d.com Ꮮ.com xn--xbe.com Ᏼ.com xn--kce.com Ꮃ.com xn--p9d.com Ꮪ.com xn--tbe.com Ꭰ.com...
  5. B

    closed ç“ˆ.com xn--sky.com

    瓈.com xn--sky.com No idea what the meaning is, but it it a single character and the puny code version is also a short word: "sky".
  6. O

    closed Ä±nternet.com

    ınternet.com - in punycode xn--nternet-qfb.com Any idea how much it can worth?
  7. O

    closed geschaft.net

    means "shop" or "deal" or "business" in German. geschaft.org is listed for sale for over 6k :rolleyes:
  8. yanhuang

    closed KaratCalculator.com

    I wanted to find out what the value of this name, along with the tool on the website would be. https://KaratCalculator.com Thank you.
  9. J

    closed CreditSmartCard.com

    https://bizinformation.co/www.creditsmartcard.com Apart from what this appraisal says... what is a reasonable amount for this domain? All input appreciated.
  10. AustinBiz

    closed bestdealsforlaptops.com

    Hi I just joined this great forum. Hoping I can get some guidance to the right path. I am quite new to domaining and have collected around 212 domains in various niches. Some I have developed into sites. Through my research of niches search volume and cpc I know my domains are of value. Some...
  11. C

    closed ucanslim.com

    ucanslim.com Please appraise... thank you. Carole :)
  12. P

    closed Refujesus.com

    Whats your thoughts? personally thought it would b a cool name for a christian band or for a christian rehab site. potential?
  13. B

    closed ç«.cn (fire)

    Hi, I'd be grateful for opinions on this Chinese IDN. 火.cn It spells the word 'fire' and has around 1.5bn results in Google. Thanks,
  14. EYZQ

    closed Business.net.pk

    Hi, Need appraisal for business.net.pk! any potential! Open to opinions! Regards
  15. A

    closed BusinessBank.co.uk

    Please appraise. Estibot value $15,000 Very popular ppc keyword worldwide and in UK
  16. speakez

    closed Stuck on Pricing.

    greetings, I am a newbie but have been in the internet business for over 15 years. I have a good portfolio of domains to sell however it seems as though my pricing is all wrong. Can someone give me a little advice on how I find the best domain evaluation tool or evaluation company whereas my...
  17. D

    closed Agraire.com

    Appraise please Thanks
  18. 3000records

    closed Investment.com - Russian IDN

    инвестиций.com - means "investment" XN--B1AGHCAGX8AJ5B.com
  19. R

    closed å³¶.net - Island.net

    Any thoughts as to the short term value of this ? I plan on holding for 5-6 years, I am just curious of what people think it is actually worth in today's market. I am well aware IDN names are a risky gamble, and noone knows what is going to happen. However I am also curious as to thoughts of...
  20. D

    closed French IDN's: Tôkyô.com and Éros.net

    I'm guessing their meanings are obvious. :) Any thoughts on their value? Much appreciated!
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