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  1. Orkhan

    closed Spiv>biz

    I ask to estimate! Thanks!
  2. I

    closed talk.com in chinese

    talk/conversation in traditional chinese: xn--272a.com I also have Hindi idn boy.com hindi bindi.com hiindi mehndi.com hindi virtualassistaint.com hindi dataentry.com hindi German idn mobile.de (all with german accent over o, u, a) mobl.de mobile.com mobl.com wedu.com...
  3. R

    closed Chinese (blackjack.com - 布莱克杰克.com) and more ... Thoughts ?

    玩扑克牌.com - PlayingCards.com 高辊.com - HighRoller.Com 插槽.com -Slot/Slots.Com 布莱克杰克.com - Blackjack.com 共管.com - Condominium.Com Thoughts on possible value of these ? I like blackjack, then playing cards, and of course condominium ... High Rollers and...
  4. D

    closed Agraire.com

    Opinions please
  5. D

    closed Holografo.com

    Appraise, please
  6. M

    closed Master Card or Mastercard ( 万事达卡.com )

    Both in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. 万事达卡.com 萬事達卡.com Meaning " Master Card or Mastercard"
  7. J

    closed dallastexasdentist.com

    Can I get an appraisal for theses names please. dallastexasdentist.com dallastexasdivoceattorneys.com dallastexasplasticsurgeon.com Thanks
  8. D

    closed HanauAmMain.com

    HanauAmMain.com NeuburgAnDerDonau.com ( NeuburgAnDerDonau.de ) NeustadtInHolstein.com Appraise, please Thanks
  9. MichaelJ137

    closed kölnforum.com, value of these IDNs anyone?

    kölnforum.com natürliche-energie.com natürliche-energie.net natürlicheenergie.com natürlicheenergie.net terrassenmöbeln.de zeitgenössische-möbel.com zeitgenössischemöbel.com
  10. chamac

    closed è¬™éœ.com

    Appraisal appreciated on the following domain: 謙遜.COM Punycode: XN--072AQ7H.COM. Traditional Chinese. Thanks in advance
  11. Diabro

    closed Nashorn [dot] com

    I've had this domain name for a while and like it. I know in Germany that .COM is not the king but would like to know what value it would have. Nashorn (German "rhinoceros", pronounced Nahz-horn, not Nash-orn) Thanks.
  12. K

    closed Nguyễn[dot]net Vietnamese Surname

    Nguyễn[dot]net xn--nguyn-s71b[dot]net From Wikipedia: "Nguyễn is the most common Vietnamese family name. Nguyễn is the 7th most common family name in Australia (second only to Smith in the Melbourne phone books), and the 54th most common in France. In the United States, it is the...
  13. wilfra

    closed Ù†Ø«Ù‰.com (Female in Arabic?)

    نثى.com xn--igbq4fn.com My first IDN purchase. According to Google Translate it means 'Female' in Arabic. Can anybody confirm the true meaning and that this is indeed Arabic? How about a valuation? I know not knowing the true meaning or even the language is not a good way to go about...
  14. webtalkcenter

    closed póker(dot)org

    Hi Appraisal Please ...
  15. 416member

    closed x-rated.tv

    wrong section...sorry...moved
  16. K

    closed å¤§è€äºŒ.tw Gambling name

    大老二is a card game very popular in asia, its somewhat like poker of asia (not quite, but popular enough) taiwan has a population of 23million is it worth anything?
  17. J

    closed : German .net and .com names ::

    Hello everybody , i recently noticed at DnJournal that several .net and .com with German meaning were sold like fahrraeder.net at sedo i also own some german names in .net and .com and could use some advice on how or if they are worth something thanks in advance p.s if someone is...
  18. D

    closed ImDeutschland.com

    Appraise, please Thanks
  19. Tim Schoon

    closed éœ„.com and ç¿°.com

    would like to hear some translation confirmations and valuations. :) 霄.com / xn--6p5a.com 翰.com / xn--ew0a.com
  20. F

    closed ç»´åŠ æ–¯.cn

    维加斯.cn xn--yfr865bpos.cn Can someone confirm the translation
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