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  1. iyadkoo

    external iFreelancer.org

    iFreelancer.org Reg: Hexonet Exp Date: 06-2022 Transfer: Auth Code / Push From $XXX All Reasonable Offers Are Welcome Payment - Escrow, Epik , Dan Best Of Regards
  2. V

    .me Great Spanish .me domains for sale - Juega.me, Hipoteca.me, Calcula.me - All three $1200

    Really catchy Spanish language .me domains for sale. Juega.me ("play me") Hipoteca.me ("mortgage me") Calcula.me ("calculate me") Price/domain: $500 - all three $1200! Registrar: Godaddy.com Payment method: Escrow.com
  3. Amadex

    appraise webshop.biz

    Hello, can you please appraise: webshop.biz 🛍️ Thanks!
  4. A

    .com ValuableObject.com

    ValuableObject.com Registrar: GoDaddy 28.11.2020 / 21 Bids are evaluated: xxx$ , xx,xxx$
  5. J

    gtld eCommerce & affiliate domains: buy.wedding - buy.events - xxx.events

    Hi, I am selling one-word, three letters domains that cover highly valuable search terms. People literally search for exactly these terms with the sole intention of spending money. You can use these domain names to make real money fast! Even if you don't have anything to sell, you can build an...
  6. A

    Armorica - E-commerce CPA Network | Monetize your websites | CPA and Revenue SHare offers for All GEOs | SmartLink, Banner Rotator

    Armorica is a top-notch CPA affiliate network in the E-commerce niche with the most demanded offers from Health, Beauty, and Sports equipment to Nutra and CBD. We track all trends in the affiliate world and provide only the best CPA and Revenue Share deals. Min amount for payout is $100 and it...
  7. brianlaughlan

    offers makeupmarket.com

    Premium 2 word domain name. Perfect for an e-commerce store/app in the beauty industry. Registrar: GoDaddy Payments: Escrow, Wire Transfer Last valuation (BrandBucket): $24,000 Starting bid: $9500 Offers welcome - I will respond via PM. Also Included: Logo design files (see preview above)...
  8. DomainsVillage

    fixed price Brandable Premium: TEGUILA.COM

    Brandable Domain: TEGUILA.COM (14 years old) Brandable, catchy, easy to remember, 1 word domain fits for any startup businesses Registrar: Namecheap (Transfer out) Expires On: 2020-12-8 Payment: Wire transfer/ Escrow /PayPal (TBD by both parties before transaction takes place). Price to sell...
  9. dancarl

    developed Ecomm Site RhinoGymWear.com

    Hi I have a woocommerce website up and running. Typical story I bought it, had all these dreams of building it up, but just have to many commitments on the table and cannot and did not do anything except keep the site up. A good fitness/health website name, built with wordpress and ...
  10. dancarl

    developed LeShoes.ca and PhoneWallets.ca Aliexpress affiliatesites $250 Each

    Great Sites, Starter I have had them for about a year built out, but have not done a thing just left them alone and moved onto another project, I just recently updated them and added new products. No sales, but some traffic and starting to pick up after new content. Great deal for $250each...
  11. dancarl

    cctld Looking for Ecommerce Domains AirTools.ca/DiamondTools.ca

    Looking for Ecommerce Domains both .ca AirTools DiamondTools great niche markets. pm offers over $100
  12. shellyboy911

    fixed price Sale Over. Thread Close!

    Sale Over!. Thread Cosed! Thank you.
  13. dancarl

    cctld Set up an Ecommerce Shop AirTools.ca plus more...@49

    If you are looking to build some Ecommerce Stores ( Shopify, Amazon, Ali Express, etc) AdultBookStore .ca AirTools .ca CanadianDrones .ca/com DiamondDealer .ca DiyDrones .ca DogCage .ca DrawingTablet(s) .ca dtox .ca Electricccigarette .ca ElectricCandle(s) .ca EyeMakeup .ca...
  14. dancarl

    developed 2 ecommerce sites like phonewallets .ca

    HI I developed 2 Ecommerce sites. PhoneWallets .ca PhonePower .ca just drive traffic Dan RedTagDomains
  15. dancarl

    cctld SurfShop.ca

    Great commerce domain. Surf boards -accessories Surf Clothing -mens -womens -wetsuits Paddle boarding -accessories Windsurfing sail boards etc High end niche, Canada Has some great surfing.... offers ... pm
  16. B

    appraise Always.SALE

    I currently own a dutch version of this domain name, is called Altijd.SALE. What you think this is worth currently on the market? Always.SALE -> value? Altijd.SALE -> value? Information about the Netherlands (language: Dutch), 16.800.000 citizen.
  17. nubuck

    offers GuavaJuices.com Priced To Sell !

    Taking offers GuavaJuices.com
  18. nubuck

    offers LadiesJackets.com and org,net. Estibot $64,000 EXACT SEARCHES 49,500 PRICED TO SELL !

    LadiesJackets.com gets over 49,500 Exact Searches from Google keyword. I will include all 3 extensions in this package LadiesJackets.com LadiesJackets.net LadiesJackets.org LadiesJackets.com is valued at $64,000 by Estibot (just dot com) Receives 7-13 Type-In Uniques a day. Seeking Offers...
  19. W

    fixed price hyperknit.com

    Will make a great ebiz site for clothing or apparel.
  20. W

    fixed price removed

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