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  1. accurate

    epik What's the point of Epik Forever Registration?

    I use Forever Registration on my ultra-premium .com domains. https://www.epik.com/forever-registration-agreement https://www.epik.com/promos/forever/
  2. nhavag

    .com Selling 110 domain names lot - $1850 BIN - RoadVideos.com, BuzzyPodcast.com, 4L .org and Meta domains ... (Total Estibot Appraisal: $75,000+)

    Domain, "Expiration Date" firsttimeblogger.com,"2022-10-28 20:15:34" geotravelinfo.com,"2022-10-21 21:31:02" smashmexico.com,"2022-11-07 03:17:07" meta-t.org,"2022-10-29 11:07:35" metabillings.com,"2022-10-29 12:09:02" moneysavercentral.com,"2022-10-23 14:57:22" globalseorank.com,"2022-10-21...
  3. accurate

    epik How come NameLiquidate doesn't ReTweet anymore?

    I used to tag @NameLiquidate on Twitter and get my dropping and expiring domains shared. This really helped with exposure and a lot of my domains sold for $9 that way. I know not a lot but really helped me out with renewals and transfers. Any plans to keep doing this @Epik?
  4. accurate

    epik SSL Not Working on Landers?

    Anyone having issues with SSL certs not working on Epik landers? I just changed a bunch back to these landers and a bunch are throwing errors. I don't have time to check every single one.
  5. accurate

    discussion Should Epik Change Name and Rebrand?

    With the recent data breach and hack of Epik, who believes Epik should change the corporate name and rebrand? There has been so much negative press I think it would be a wise move. Companies do it all the time and I feel it might be wise for Epik to consider it at this point. What do others...
  6. accurate

    epik What commission percentage do Epik Brokers take?

    I'm interested to know what percentage commission do Epik Brokers take when handling a domain transaction? Is it still 9%? Or is it higher for helping handle the sale?
  7. accurate

    epik How come Epik only allow 5 Nameservers?

    Epik only allows you to set 5 Nameservers in the UI and Dashboard. Why is this? If I have more I need to request this via support which is annoying. Most registrars allow you to set a lot more. So I've never had this issue before. 🤷🏽‍♂️ @dadan @robmonster @akirlew
  8. accurate

    epik Has Epik thought of adding Financial Tracking?

    I keep track of all my domain names with Epik. This includes external and internal domains. I was wondering if Epik could add some type Financial Tracking of domains? Provided with a nice UI/UX. Essentially I want to know exactly how much I'm spending and what my profit margins are. My...
  9. accurate

    epik How come Epik Landers don't have a Gallery?

    How come the Epik Landers don't have a way to upload images to a gallery? I often use different images for various industries such as Education, Cannabis, Jobs, etc. It doesn't make sense to re-upload. same image to the lander all the time. If I had a gallery of my own images this would be...
  10. accurate

    news Epik Email (September 20) - Confirms Data Breach & Steps for Customers

    This is an Email from Epik that was sent on to customers on September 20th. Confirms that there was a data breach and steps for customers. There is another thread here about and discussion on the breach.
  11. accurate

    discussion Stay Calm in Situations You Can't Control

    I posted this about the Epik Hack here. Thought I would share, just stay calm in situations you can't control. I believe the above just doesn't apply to cybersecurity and hacking though, it's life in general. When I was younger... I used to get very upset about situations and things I...
  12. accurate

    news Was there a Hack/Data Breach at Epik?

    There is a news story circulating that Epik may have had a massive data breach from a group of Anonymous hackers. I hope there is no truth to these claims as from what I can see they are from a radical journalist on Twitter. However, has there been a Hack/Data Breach at Epik? If yes, what...
  13. robmonster

    Rob Monster wants to get Voc(a)l.

    The recent UDRP decision on VOCL.com warrants review. The implications go far beyond Epik's private interest but raise fundamental issues about the ability for agencies such as WIPO to fulfill their original mandate in good faith. By their own admission, in the published decision, this case has...
  14. S

    .co TechUniverse.Co, ecoIndustry.Co, expressDEAL.Co & more

    Domain designAvenue.co Taken in 34 domain extension expires 07/31/2022 at epik exchangeExpress.co Taken in 34 domain extensions expires 07/30/2022 at epik digitalAdvocacy.co Taken in 13 domain extensions expires 07/28/2022 at epik airdefence.co Taken in 18 domain extensions expires...
  15. J

    epik Questions about epik.com

    Hi, Some want answer here .... 1. Domain extensions searching preference can fix permanently account ?? Here first page some non popular extension show ( . property, .game , .uno , . cloud ... ) and .net show 19 position ( when open load more options) Any options available, sign in account...
  16. J

    epik Impossible to search domain at epik.com

    Very hard to search a single domain at epik ( almost impossible ) . It's not only today problem..( almost regular ) ... Heavy time taken to search domain availability.
  17. robmonster

    discussion Overcoming Scarcity Mindset by Co-Creating Abundance

    One of the things I have learned a lot about in recent years is the idea of God's providence. I have concluded that scarcity mindset is actually a trap which serves to reduce one's world. Along the way, the team at Epik has been particularly active in promoting a culture that emphasizes...
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