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  1. accurate

    discussion Should Epik Change Name and Rebrand?

    With the recent data breach and hack of Epik, who believes Epik should change the corporate name and rebrand? There has been so much negative press I think it would be a wise move. Companies do it all the time and I feel it might be wise for Epik to consider it at this point. What do others...
  2. accurate

    news Epik Email (September 20) - Confirms Data Breach & Steps for Customers

    This is an Email from Epik that was sent on to customers on September 20th. Confirms that there was a data breach and steps for customers. There is another thread here about and discussion on the breach.
  3. accurate

    news Was there a Hack/Data Breach at Epik?

    There is a news story circulating that Epik may have had a massive data breach from a group of Anonymous hackers. I hope there is no truth to these claims as from what I can see they are from a radical journalist on Twitter. However, has there been a Hack/Data Breach at Epik? If yes, what...
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