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  1. accurate

    dropcatch BrandTrace - Free Domain/Brand Monitoring from HugeDomains

    Thought I would let others know about this great free tool from TurnCommerce (the guys behind HugeDomains, DropCatch, and NameBright.), BrandTrace. BrandTrace is like DotDB in that you can see all the domains that are registered with a specific keyword. However, it is completely free-to-use...
  2. P

    offers 4 x AirPods Review Exact Match Domains - airpodreview[.]com

    I have four exact match keyword Apple domains. AirPods are Apple's newest product and these search terms are only going to grow as the market develops. "apple airpods review" 2,000 exact match searches. "airpods review" 6,000 exact match searches. airpodreview.com airpodsreview.org...
  3. LarryWentz

    Exact Match/Broad Match Search Results & CPC - Best Tool?

    So I admit I use Estibot to look at exact & broad match tool results... but is it accurate? Where do they get their results? Do they combine Google, Bing & Yahoo results somehow? I note one domain broker lists exact match/cpc results in their newsletter but their results are higher than Estibot...
  4. pioneers

    fixed price over

  5. Artist Connection


    Premium Exact Match Domain for sport watch band $395
  6. Solcatalyst

    cctld Furnituresets.ca And Appp.ca

    exact match domains with huge search relevency and great incr potential!! BUY NOW for appp.ca - $3500 BUY NOW for furnituresets.ca $5000 Accepting offers..... Make a fair offer and get one of these great domains today. PM any questions or email at solcomllc@gmail.com Thanks!
  7. Asaf

    auctions Duvet Cover King.com @flippa

    DuvetCoverKing.com @Flippa Very Rare Exact Match .COM - 434,040+ Related Products ,$1.30 CPC - LOW RESERVE! What is a duvet cover? What size cover does a duvet need? Is it a profitable niche?... With More than 74,000+ Monthly Searches, And Highly competitive $1.30 CPC Adwords action.... READ...
  8. KCGroup


    List of domains for sale (All GoDaddy): J*********.org **SOLD** E************.com NO LONG AVAILABLE B********.com **SOLD** L*******.com **SOLD** F***************.com **SOLD** I***************.com **SOLD** D******************.com **SOLD** H***********.com **SOLD** We offer significant...
  9. KCGroup

    Noxas.com **2,900 Exact Matches/mo**brandable**

    Noxas.com *Short, 5 letter *Pronounceable *Brandable *2,900 exact google searches/mo. Related sales: Juxin.com - $66,000 - May 2013 - Sedo (110 Searches/mo) Babil.com - $18,000 - May 2013 - Nokta Domains (8,100 Searches/mo) Isern.com - $15,000 - Jun 2013 - Sedo (1,000 Searches/mo) Smake.com -...
  10. emaillance01

    cctld Medicareadvantage.co

    Priced to sell -Make offer $XXX
  11. Daniel Levi

    Droppednames.com- 14 Years Old

    DroppedNames.com- 14 years old Offers Wanted- either post here or send me a PM
  12. nubuck

    Magicbooks.com For Sale

    MagicBooks.com for Sale PR2 domain currently signed up with Yahoo and Google directories. Childrens Books ,videos, Harry Potter, Magic Taking offers starting at $x,xxx Thanks!
  13. Asaf

    auctions Toiletpan.com @ Flippa - 7 Days Auction - Come Check It Out >>

    ToiletPan.com - Exact Match, 5 Years Old Premium Domain Name! More than 7,503 Related Products! Open bid only 1$ (low reserve). Don't FLUSH away your passing chance to own this Unique Asset! Click Here to Read the Auction Description >>
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