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  1. amplify

    news Facebook goes after Meta.Company

    While domain name speculators were registering up a hailstorm of "meta" names and even closing some large sales before Facebook's rebrand, a company that went by the name of "Meta.Company" has pushed back. They had this to say on their homepage. The company is stating that since Facebook was...
  2. accurate

    news Facebook changes its company name to Meta

    Source - OANN
  3. amplify

    Facebook changing its name

    It shouldn't be news to you all in the States, but Facebook is changing its name. A lot of people have already invested in the meta- space. Will these names be a digital waste? With the purchasing power that Facebook has, I want to say that nothing is out of reach as everyone has a price. Do...
  4. Dolphin_Support

    ✅Dolphin {anti} - now an antidetect browser! Modern browser management.

    You said - we did it! ;) Dolphin Anty - is an antidetect browser from the creators of Dolphin Tool A Powerful tool tor Solving traffic arbitrage tasks | Facebook | Google | Tik-Tok Dolphin {anty} benefits: ✅Manage of browser profiles. Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device...
  5. M

    Want to use Facebook for traffic? This tricks are decent.

    https://blackhatpwnage.com/facebook-blackhat-growth-tricks-without-spending-alot-of-money/ Not my post but this guy is killing it. I also have access to the paid stuff [1-2 posts a month + you can read all previous ones] for just 9,99$. Anyways free ones are good enough. Im testign this...
  6. B

    appraise Faceboos.com PR4

    Hi all, Faceboos.com (Google pagerank 4) Not sure of this bring infringement risk, but ill guess it will be fine :) What you think it is worth?
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