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  1. accurate

    discussion What do you register after .com is taken?

    Interested to know what domain extensions people register if the .com they want is taken? I have my own preferences but I'm interested to hear others thoughts.
  2. G

    news .XYZ 6th anniversary sale, less than $1

    .XYZ's new anniversary campaign offer is .xyz for less than $1. The full list of regsitrars is below. I've found them as low as $0.60. .xyz Anniversary page
  3. clasione

    news Clever: Radix Bolsters New gTLD Adoption Through Sponsored Startups, Buzz, Goodies

    ""NEW YORK – They say that ‘money talks and bullshit walks’ (at least that is what my father used to say) and no-one likely knows this better than domain registry Radix, who maintains and operates several new catchy gTLD domain endings such as .tech and .online. Since 2016, Radix has been...
  4. clasione

    news An Unbiased New gTLD Case Study is Coming

    "If you follow my updates you will be aware that I am usually more of a bashing-type of domainer when it comes to new gTLDs because I feel they are confusing to average Internet users compounding onto other negatives I’ve found, so if this change does not help the website, you can rest assured...
  5. clasione

    news Who Is and Who Isn’t: ICANN’s Registry Agreement Termination Information List

    "NEW YORK – In light of another three to be cut, let’s take a look at Who’s pulling out, of the WhoIs, entirely. The following is a list of new gTLD operators who have decided that running their own dots is not something they wish to pursue and have notified ICANN, The Internet Corporation for...
  6. clasione

    news Did an Offer on a New gTLD 'really' go from $20k – $100k, in one day?

    "A $20k starting offer is always a nice thing to get – going from $20k to $100k in one day is also a massive jump. While I don’t think this means all of us should suddenly start buying up new gTLDs, I do think it’s an interesting datapoint and sign of end-user interest in non .COMs." Read this...
  7. accurate

    How low will new gTLD Registrations Go?

    New Gtld registration numbers are falling like rocks. How low will new GTLDs go this year?
  8. Lowe's Online Operations

    fixed price SeattleSnowRemoval.com

    Lease 250usd/month Taking offers on Purchase XXXX totally developed and seo optimized, good traffic, good backlinks, no pr yet until google updates thanks, Aaron Lowe aclowe3@comcast.net also have HiloRoofing.com --- developed as well, good traffic, good backlinks, waiting for google to...
  9. A

    fixed price GTLD.DEALS 266 Domains for Sale Cheap 3 letters

    I have several gtld names for sale with gtld in it. I have domains that have been appraised with their certificates for over $10,000 I am willing to sell my domains at an exceptional price.
  10. S

    offers Dog.Supplies - Beat Dog.com On A Budget

    You own a pet shop or want to enter the dog supplies business? Dog.Supplies is the perfect name for your shop if you really want to take online sales to the next level. It's also a niche name, so it's perfect to break into a specific market and then expand from there. There is a reason why...
  11. dancarl

    cctld gtlds.ca

    offers please.
  12. dsanders

    gTLD drop catcher?

    In the process of rebranding my development shop into an 'agency', and wanted to buy the correlating .agency gTLD (it went 'Pending Delete' on the 3rd of November ~10:30a). I can't find drop catchers outside of NameJet and SnapNames that will allow for the catch/backorder. Does anyone know any...
  13. Nasrin Islam

    How to start?

    Seeking for advice from established domainer.
  14. N

    Gauging gTLDS: .xyz

    Hi folks, I'm new to the domain game. I recently purchased just over a dozen .xyz domains on namecheap (because of their $1 promo). I also own [my first name].xyz. Because of this I am wondering what others say about .xyz. This is what I've read about the market so far: Despite being one of...
  15. Technoprenerd

    appraise [gTLD] - Milf.sucks

    Hey all, The new gTLD, .SUCKS ,is available for some time now. Within its first weeks, the domain www.Milf.sucks already has an organic search of around 250 hits. What do you think of www.Milf.sucks ?
  16. W

    appraise Appraisal and advice

    Not having enough money for other investment opportunites I went out and bought a few domains Buybulk.coffee Buybulk.today Quickfix.cash Nanobot.tech I was planning on holding onto them for several years to see if I received any offers. Any advise or thoughts on these names would be...
  17. together4forever

    offers Top.Solutions

    One of the Most Prime keywords which both Form themselves 2 other .gtlds. This was Pre Registered in the second round itself. It is one of the Hottest Keywords for Tech. Make your Best Offer & have a chance to own this. No LowBalls please!
  18. vicho

    Succesful Deals of .TOP Premium Domains on Ename.com

    The .TOP Premium Domains on Ename.com is going on, URL is t.ename.com. Below is an overview of the successful deals of the last several days(Unit: CNY): Day 1 2222.top 51,000 zhi.top (paper) 88,000 xindai.top (credit&loan) 67,000 jinrong.top (finance) 52,000 yinyue.top (music) 62,000...
  19. Retoddesq

    auctions PORTFOLIO.AUCTION - 141 Domain Portfolio @ Flippa

    I have put up for auction the domain name Portfolio.Auction together with 140 additional Domain Names with NO RESERVE & $1 Minimum Bid at Flippa.com. The Auction Page & the landing page of Portfolio.Auction has additional information for each domain, including age (over 50 domains are 8+yrs...
  20. Howie Crosby

    cctld Ultra.xyz

    ULTRA.XYZ Accepting reasonable offers via PM. Thank you. Accept PayPal verified. Expires 6/2/15 name.com www.ultra.xyz
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