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  1. Domainate.com

    offers Doma(in) - the one and only "domain" hack is on the market

    We've decided with our other projects going on that we're going to entertain offers for this lovely domain hack. It's amazing for a registrar or any domain-related site and more importantly, it makes for some really nice email addresses like buy@doma.in. I've had unsolicited offers as high as...
  2. Noe

    .RS Showcase

    The .RS extension stands for Serbia. There are no restrictions, everyone can register and transfer a .RS domain name on a first come, first served basis. There are still a lot of attractive and short rs domains available to register, and .rs domains are often used for domain hacks such as...
  3. Dotted

    fixed price DomainNameHack.com + DomainNameHacks.com

    DomainNameHack.com + DomainNameHacks.com (2009) iwantmyname.com $2,000 Escrow.com, PayPal.com, Bitrated.com (Bitcoin)
  4. Dotted

    short GPL.US "GPlus" domain hack

    GPl.us (2002) internet.bs $x,xxx offers Payment via Escrow.com or Bitcoin via Bitrated.com.
  5. Dotted

    short Kar.ma Premium Domain Hack (previously sold for $7.5k)

    KAR.MA Registered with Domain.ma Accepting $x,xxx offers We previously sold the domain to the Karma app for $7000 (proof on demand) before we acquired it back this year. Karma.io was recently bought for $4,999 (source). On auction at Flippa.com starting bid $1.
  6. Dotted

    short TA.GS ("tags") premium two letter domain hack

    TA.GS (2011) coccaregistry.net Offers $x,xxx Payment via Escrow.com or Bitrated.com in Bitcoin. T.ag sold for $60,000 in 2011.
  7. Domain Author

    news Craigslist.org Hacked

    The popular American classified website Craigslist suffered a DNS attack on Sunday evening. The issue was quickly corrected at the source but many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cached the false DNS information for several hours and the company warned that some may still have incorrect...
  8. kevmacmeh

    cctld Rock.et, Tabl.et And Bask.et | 28 One Letter Domain Names

    Hi there, I have the following domain hacks and one letter domain names for sale: BIN of $3500 each for the names below: f.et h.et i.et SOLD q.et r.et SOLD t.et u.et x.et z.et b.gt f.gt o.gt r.gt v.gt SOLD y.gt z.gt q.kg q.af u.af SOLD qui.et bull.et SOLD bask.et SOLD Domain Details .et...
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