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  1. O

    auctions zii.net - top lll domain in auction

    zii.net is still on auction - no reserve https://sedo.com/search/details/?domain=zii.net&trackingRequestId=68106423&origin=search&partnerid=28884&language=d&p=2_1&trackingOrigin=1&fromExactMatch=4
  2. italsat

    .co BBD.co lll.co

    Premium LLL.co BBD.co 6 years old look offer
  3. namesdencom

    short Bwv.camera lll domain for sale

    lll domain for sale. also BWVcamera.com Body Worn Video (BWV) camera will be worn by police and security and miliatry everywhere soon.
  4. juanda

    short: fixed RIR.co , NOU.co, OOE.com, JIL.co, VIO.co

    Premium Domain Name: NOU.co Registrar: Godaddy Registration/Expiration July 2010 - July 2016 BIN: $390 Premium Domain Name: RIR.co Registrar: Wild West Domains (www.cheap-domains.cc) (free push) Registration/Expiration July 2010 - July 2016 BIN: $390 Premium Domain Name: JIL.co Registrar...
  5. D

    LLL & NNN - Simply Explained

    LLL are three letter domain names, for example xyz.com. In total there are 17,576 LLL domains names. This is calculated based on the number of letters in the alphabet (26). 26x26x26=17,576 combinations. Another example is NNN or 123.com. This refers to numbers and have fewer combinations...
  6. D

    short LLL.com for sale - VJD.com

    Selling VJD.com for a client. Best offer offer over 18.5K this week. Would love to hear your value opinions. There's no wrong answer - just looking for some honest feedback for the seller. TIA...
  7. emaillance01

    fixed price RARE!! LLL.me and NNN.me-YES THE ACTUAL LETTERS!!

    These domains are available for sale separately or together for the first time When people say they have or are looking for a LLL or NNN, this is LITERALLY those letters, not some characters that are scrambled or no premium characters! Short memorable acronym rare and once sold it will likely...
  8. D

    offers nwk.co and 85 others

    Hi, Taking offers for the lot. All names are handpicked and have high google exacts. The names have huge potential considering the demand for good short names and the recent high ticket deals in dot co names. All are registered with Godaddy with expiration ranging from 2015 July to 2016 March...
  9. Domainator

    offers xwu.co, ygu.co, yvu.co -- Package Deal!

    xwu.co ygu.co yvu.co Make an offer for all three together .... freshly renewed for 1 year PayPal ok from Trusted DNF members, or Escrow.com, split fees PM offer of $300 .... anyone else? Estibot total is over $1600 3 LLL .co's!
  10. D

    Nfov.com + Jwle.com + Dyah.net + Orzr.com

    Taking offers on: NFOV.com JWLE.com **Sold ** Dyah.net ORZR.com Very motivated seller, clearing his portfolio. Pls PM offer! Thank you.
  11. PeterMan

    cctld Sdu.ca - Looking For Offers...

    SDU.ca I have owned this domain for quite a while now, it always gets type-in traffic. Averages 140 type-ins/month over the last 5 months... I have NOT monetized this domain... Looking for offers, please PM if interested... Thanks!
  12. J

    Zcv.com For Sale For A Short Time!

    We are motivated to sell ZCV.COM soon, just no lowball 4 figure offers please. LLL.COM's have risen in value dramatically recently and are continuing to go up. They are proving to be a great investment and will likely to continue to be so as almost everyone is extremely bullish on them long...
  13. J

    auctions Closed!

  14. Shelby90

    Nyz (.) Info - New York Themed Domain

    Domain: NYZ (.) info Great domain with NY, the best know acronym for New York. NYZ could be an acronym for New York Zone. Registered at WorldBizDomains Expires: 22/5/15 Make an offer!
  15. aishwin


  16. italsat

    Lllii.com Look Offer

    ???? domain lllii.com DA37
  17. italsat

    fixed price Bbd.co 150$ Paypal

    for sale BBD.co
  18. N


    Stats are on website domain as are directions to make a offer. Domain is at enom.
  19. italsat

    cctld Girl.mx

    look offer for girl.mx
  20. N

    fixed price sold

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