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  1. D

    llll 4 letter .com LLLL .COM Domains Wanted

    I am an investor seeking 4 letter .com LLLL domains. Looking for the following formats CVCV = $1,000 + VCVC = $800 + CVVC = $500 + Will buy almost any llll.com for $125.00 Must be LLLL . COM. I am not interested in other extensions.
  2. L


    TOP LLLL.com Looking For Your Offers Here or PM. The Quotation Range For Each Domain Name is: 200 usd - 50000 usd. Domain Registration Expiration Registrar tdvw.com clju.com hzji.com dwyu.com zvct.com hvcy.com dyvk.com yqbu.com uyvt.com vqyv.com zvgh.com jfuw.com gxiw.com zogj.com qlvh.com...
  3. B

    .com YFDV.com, YVKT.com & more

    YFDV.COM VZQE.COM YVKT.COM VXQN.COM XWVJ.COM VWXB.COM ZFVQ.COM VYXK.COM Price - $120 per name Expiry: 14 months plus on all names Registrar: Epik Payment method - PayPal, Payoneer, Epik escrow Cheers
  4. B

    .com 4l.com lot | IAGX.com & more

    Hello UWUQ.com VCVC, Listed on Squadhelp has 11 shortlists and 6 Strong potential buyers. Type in domain to see. Pronounceable with double U!!! ZNUY.com Listed on Squadhelp has 11 shortlists and 4 Strong potential buyers IAGX.com GX stands for many things. Expiry - 6 month plus on all names...
  5. Dan Lakey

    short: fixed Sold

  6. Dan Lakey

    short: fixed 6 + 1 LLLL.com Lot - FAIY, COKC etc

    Package of 6 (now 7) high-quality LLLL.com: COK*.com - CO Company or Colorado, KC Kansas City, typo, coke, repeat C ELM*.com - Semi-pronounceable, contain Elm and MJ marijuana FAI*.com - Pronounceable, a bit like Fairy GMH*.com - Nice Chinese chip, end in W HEN*.com - Semi-pronounceable...
  7. Dan Lakey

    short: fixed 10 LLLL.com package: AAZY, IOEK, HDUD, LBFH, STYI etc

    Package of 10 quality LLLL.com: AAZY.com (pronounceable, repeat AA) BDUM.com (udum.com just sold for $665) EPHB.com (quad premium) FXIZ.com (forex investing zone) HDUD.com (HD) CXIX.com (repeat X, roman numeral 119) IOEK.com (great letters, Internet Of Everything) STYI.com (nice pronounceable)...
  8. Dan Lakey

    short: fixed CF** (cf**) .com Price lowered daily

    CF**.com Great Letters, Contains word ***. You will See Few like this Reg at Godaddy. 7 years old. Expires in August I may lower the price a little bit daily.. Pronounceable w/keyword BIN: $455 > $415 > $365 > $315 > $275 > $235 Paypal fam/friend preferred. Payoneer ok too
  9. Dan Lakey

    short: fixed AO** (.com) -Sold

    AO**.com Very nice Letters, Repeat A A At Godaddy. 6 years old. Expires in late April. I may lower the price a little bit daily.. BIN: $455 > $395 > $355 > $315 > $285 > $255 > $215 obo
  10. S

    offers 4 Character .com Domains - Aged 10-15 years

    Hey DNF- I have a few 4 character domain names that I am looking to sell. If you are interested please PM me an offer or shoot me an email at Sergio@SergWebAssets.com - all my domains are registered through GoDaddy.com 1. 0xad.com - Age: 10 years 2. 2tue.com - Age: 15 years 3. a8sh.com -...
  11. italsat

    short: fixed SBOB.com and VUAO.com LLLL.com premium

    sbob.com CCVC $1200 vuao.com CVVV $1200 2 LLLL.com rare pattern , possible 50,000 + for a end user . Payment via paypal or escrow.com Multi Forum Post , First Come Fisrt Served.
  12. Donname

    offers FFAX com

    Hi, Looking for offers on FFAX.com Payments by Btc, Eth, Xmr, Skrill and PayPal too
  13. Mike Cruz

    offers ~~~~

  14. Mike Cruz

    closed ~~~~

  15. Johnn

    Want to buy LLLL.com LLL.net

    Want to buy LLLL.com and LLL.net Budget up to $200 each for LLLL.com and $1,000 each for LLL.net PM the names and the asking price. Thanks, John
  16. yaod8


    LLLL.COM without o,v,u,i,a,e budget $1300-$4000 Contains o,v,u,i,a,e budget $210-$2000 CCC.COM NLL LLN NNL LNN NLN LNL Budget $260-$5000 NNNNN.COM Budget $300-$8000 LLL.NET without o,v,u,i,a,e budget $2200-$6000
  17. Namekart

    short: fixed LLLL.com nnpo and many more

    Fixed Pricing: igmn.com $463 ehsn.com $475 XXXX.com $403 estibot $11000 - SOLD sryu.com $387 gyoi.com $363 nhfo.com $430 iglp.com $463 nnpo.com $485 XXXX.com $442 - SOLD kmna.com $423 gvml.com $315 ouje.com $315 onuu.com $385 ihru.com $315 No problem with expiration. some have 2-3 years expiry...
  18. NameAgency

    broker SOLD

  19. Mohit98

    Wanted LLLL.COM and LLLL.NET- $200-$250

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