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  1. Haris8008

    traffic Existed.net for Sale! * Buy now for $976 or Make Offer

    Venue Epik, DAN, Sedo, Afternic, Daaz Buy now $976 or Make Offer Details: Registrar: Name.com Expiration: 02 May 2022 Registered : 20/09/2002 Monthly Search Vol: 778.4K
  2. S

    expiring soon MVPO.net for sale

    MO: $70
  3. S

    offers Zulia.net - Aged: 1998

    DNF - I am accepting offers for my aged domain name Zulia.net, this is great brandable domain that has literally been around for 19 years. If you are interested in making an offer, please PM me or shoot me an email at SergWebAssets@gmail.com. Thanks guys!
  4. S

    offers Seriez.net - Aged 16 years old

    Hey DNF! I have a domain that I am sitting on that was originally registered in 2001. I am looking for offers on my domain name Seriez.net, this domain gets around 22,200~ global monthly searches organically. I am looking for best offer. If you have any questions, please PM me or shoot me...
  5. Bravo

    fixed price Aged (since 1996) cheap .net domain names, incl. StarSoft.net

    DesignStudios.net, created in 1999 OnlineCinema.net, created in 1999 SmartSales.net, created in 2008 FitnessZone.net, created in 1999 BusinessConnection.net, created in 1998 HoustonMortgage.net, created in 1999 GreenVision.net, created in 2003 EnerGym.net, created in 2012 Saiga.net, created in...
  6. Claypere

    offers Metres.net

    Hey guys, am accepting offers for Metres.net. Please PM or post your offer on this thread. Thanks Domain is registered with Godaddy. Domain Age is 10 years Expires: June 24th, 2016 Payment can be via PayPal
  7. Claypere

    offers Closers.net (Closers.com Sold for $32,000)

    Looking for offers in the $xxx range for Closers.net Similar Sales include: Closers.com - $32,000 SalesCloser.com - $8000 Closer.de - $5,217 Please PM only. Highest offer received $250. Looking for higher. Thanks
  8. peterone928

    Realfit.net Puregreen.net Gulftech.net Thecrown.net

    Premium .net names for sale, all price in USD: PureGreen.net $300 RealFit.net $200 GulfTech.net $200 TheCrown.net $300 Payment by direct paypal or sedo escrow (the escrow fee will be shared) Feel free to PM or reply this thread for any query. Peter
  9. peterone928

    Infotel.net - Us$300

    infotel.net - US$ 300 Transaction can be done via Sedo or direct paypal payment. Peter
  10. trips262

    Breading.net $120

    Avg. Monthly Searches: 5400 Godaddy Push Payment via Paypal
  11. dancarl

    auctions 5 Groups Of Domain's At Auction On Flippa. (100 In Total)

    Short auctions on flippa and low reserves. 100 domains in total including some one word domains. Group of .CO's https://flippa.com/3085147-amazing-group-of-co-s-short-auction-and-low-reserve Health and life style a great list of "Non Genetically Modified Organism" Domains. A huge...
  12. trips262

    Phonefeatures.net $99

    Great domain for great price. Grab now. Godaddy push and Paypal.
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