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  1. Sara

    auctions 01625.com - Registered In 2002, Numeric Domain Name Which Is Also An STD Code In UK

    Established in 2002, this numeric domain is the telephone code for the Macclesfield area in UK, although of course it doesn't have to be used as such. It has one owner and is completely clean. It has nonetheless picked up a few links here and there and is ready to go. I have listed it for...
  2. D

    .com 25764.com 64257.com 94235.com

    25764.com 64257.com 94235.com ( Sacramento CA zip code) 25764.com & 94235.com registered at GoDaddy. 64257.com registered at NameSilo. Payment by PayPal (depending on feedback), dan.com, Bitcoin. Other options considered. DM with offers.
  3. D

    auctions 56869.com Chinese premium NNNNN on auction at GoDaddy - UNDER 24 HOURS

    56869.com https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=295486934 Auction Ends: 2019/08/28 08:00 PM (PDT). Domain is registered at GoDaddy. 56769.com sold for $4800 at GoDaddy 3 weeks ago.
  4. yaod8


    LLLL.COM without o,v,u,i,a,e budget $1300-$4000 Contains o,v,u,i,a,e budget $210-$2000 CCC.COM NLL LLN NNL LNN NLN LNL Budget $260-$5000 NNNNN.COM Budget $300-$8000 LLL.NET without o,v,u,i,a,e budget $2200-$6000
  5. yaod8


  6. yaod8


  7. yaod8


  8. yaod8


    CCC.COM NLL LLN NNL LNN NLN LNL without 0,4,o Budget $350-$5000 NNNNN.COM Budget $300-$8000 LLLL.COM without o,v,u,i,a,e budget $900-$3000 LLL.NET without o,v,u,i,a,e budget $1400-$3000 Please PM.
  9. O

    offers 24735.com - Premium NNNNN.com

    offer ended
  10. Donname

    offers ****

  11. V

    Looking to buy 5N.com - NNNNN.com (without 0 and 4)

    Update: Thread closed
  12. mdTaylor

    LL LLL LLLL NNN NNNN .com/.net wanted (ASAP)

    Looking to buy individually and in bulk: (AEIOUV FREE) LL.net LL.com LLL.net (1.5-1.8K Price Depending) Bulk preferred LLLL.net ($30-$80 per. Bulk preferred) LLL.com LLLL.com Ideally 0 & 4 Free NNN.com NNNN.com NNNNN.com (must be 0 and 4 free) NN.net NNN.net NNNN.net Budget isn't an...
  13. domainstand

    offers very nice 5n's ...looking for offers for lot

    61785.com 01573.COM 04815.COM 05415.COM 05480.COM 07781.COM 07810.COM escrow fees paid by buyer. PM or reply to thread. Thanks!
  14. Mazkel

    auctions 26762.com at Godaddy auction

    26762 dot com Palindrome name Godaddy auction ends 7/19/15 at 7 pm EST Regged at Godaddy Ends in 3 days! Ends today.
  15. silentg

    auctions .....

  16. Donname

    offers ***

  17. J

    auctions 87980.com And 88541.com For Sale At Godaddy Auctions!

    87980.com >> https://uk.auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=161563228 88541.com >> https://uk.auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=161563229 No introduction needed on the values of good 5n.coms, they have skyrocketed in the last year. The above 2 names are both priced to...
  18. hugegrowth

    auctions 68625.com - On Auction At Flippa

    68625.com on auction at Flippa https://flippa.com/3508039-68625-com-numeric-domain This is a NNNNN.com - Domain is seven years old, registered at Godaddy. Auctions ends in 5 days (Sunday Jan 18, 19:14 GMT) Auction is for domain only.
  19. vital

    fixed price Lll.net, Nnnnn.com (21494.com)

  20. J

    auctions 39983.com For Sale At Godaddy Auctions!

    Up for sale at godaddy is 39983.com a premium NNNNN.COM with great numbers. We all know quality number .coms have gone up massively in value and will likely do so in the future as well. Click here to place your bids: https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=143356997
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