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  1. MapleDots

    info nTLD Stats - Not looking good .

    According to the graph above from nTLD stats the registrations of .online are falling rapidly. I have to say I was surprised how many of these domains were registered in Germany and continue to be especially because shorter and better ntld's are available. It looks like mostly sites from...
  2. G

    news .XYZ 6th anniversary sale, less than $1

    .XYZ's new anniversary campaign offer is .xyz for less than $1. The full list of regsitrars is below. I've found them as low as $0.60. .xyz Anniversary page
  3. L

    NEW TLDs of the Week!

    NEW Top Level Domains Only - No .com, .net, .org, .cctld! Don't post old domains! Only what you acquire within the week! It doesn't matter if hand-reg or not! Let's see what you're buying. Try limiting yourself to once a week, so we don't look so spammy! bum.tips player.vision fandoms.online...
  4. ARMG

    auctions Undeveloped's newTLD Auction including Business.Cards, Mens.Fashion, 8.investments and more!

    At Undeveloped we're currently auctioning +60 very interesting newTLD's. We've been very selective in picking domains that are priced to sell. Our top 10 names with low-reserves: Ads.exchange Affiliate.network Find.work Mens.Fashion Loan.center U.fit Coffee.bio At.work PR.academy i.Capital...
  5. C

    short Offers wanted for data.global

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