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  1. M

    .com delete old thread

  2. nubuck

    offers SEPARATISTS.COM (Since 1996)

    Separatists.com Registered in 1996 Estibot $19,000 Current News Events Trending Global Domain 18,100 Exact Searches Domain is Registered till 5 / 2019 Taking Offers As with any Logo or domain purchase buyer should do their own due diligence, expressly agrees that it is purchasing rights...
  3. J

    offers 21 Great Dictionary Word .COM Brand Domains - Agency, Affiliate, CEO, Marketing, Lead, Clicks

    Great names, discounted if buyer purchases multiple domains. If you're into branding, creative agency work, website design, lead generation, affiliate marketing, content arbitrage, direct marketing, digital marketing, CEO course education, strategic coaching, private equity, generating roofing...
  4. Kazzia

    auctions The Presidential Election is now live at Flippa with NO RESERVE

    ThePresidentialElection.com No reserve auction at Flippa
  5. domainstand

    cctld POLITICIANS.cc ~ Generic key word just in time

    election year keyword reasonable offers considered godaddy paypal or escrow.com
  6. domainstand

    offers over

  7. nubuck

    offers Representative.US (Premium Election Domain) $250 or Best Offer

    Representative.us High Exact Searches Seeking $250 or BO Expires on 2016-06-06 . . . . .
  8. Retoddesq

    offers 50 domains; taking reasonable offers; Incl. UTDJ.com; XIOW.com; BUYERPAYS.com, etc.

    Finding myself in need of some cash and as such, I will be considering any and all reasonable offers for any of the following domain names: Min. Offer = 10% of the Estibot Appraised Values. UTDJ.COM - Currently Registered at Godaddy - Expires: 1/11/2016 - Estibot Appraised $1,400 XIOW.COM -...
  9. ronabr

    offers Voters.online

    PM with offers
  10. nubuck

    cctld Representative.us For Sale, High Exact Searches !

    Taking offers for this domain All offers will be considered.
  11. P

    auctions Barackobaman.com

    Hey there, BARACKOBAMAN.COM — portmanteau of "Barack Obama" + "Superman" and common typo of Barack Obama(.com) ; perfect for: parody website, webstore Starting price : $20 Payment by PayPal, Escrow (fees to the buyer). Comes with Twitter account @barackobaman
  12. J

    closed Teapartyrules.com, .net .org

    Hello, I would appreciate any appraisals with several domain names I own. It feels like a good time to sell these political domain names. I also own: TeaPartyRules.com, .org, .net & .co TheTeaPartyRules.com + .net .org Thank you in advance for your expertise. JayDee
  13. potus


    offers welcome.
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