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  1. nhavag

    .com Selling 110 domain names in Bulk - RoadVideos.com, BuzzyPodcast.com, 4L .org and Meta domains ... (Total Estibot Appraisal: $75,000+) Make your offer

    Domain, "Expiration Date" firsttimeblogger.com,"2022-10-28 20:15:34" geotravelinfo.com,"2022-10-21 21:31:02" smashmexico.com,"2022-11-07 03:17:07" meta-t.org,"2022-10-29 11:07:35" metabillings.com,"2022-10-29 12:09:02" moneysavercentral.com,"2022-10-23 14:57:22"...
  2. accurate

    epik Has Epik thought of adding Financial Tracking?

    I keep track of all my domain names with Epik. This includes external and internal domains. I was wondering if Epik could add some type Financial Tracking of domains? Provided with a nice UI/UX. Essentially I want to know exactly how much I'm spending and what my profit margins are. My...
  3. L

    NEW TLDs of the Week!

    NEW Top Level Domains Only - No .com, .net, .org, .cctld! Don't post old domains! Only what you acquire within the week! It doesn't matter if hand-reg or not! Let's see what you're buying. Try limiting yourself to once a week, so we don't look so spammy! bum.tips player.vision fandoms.online...
  4. J

    offers Godaddy portfolio - 466 domain names including AboveSixty(com), LawGhost(com) and more

    BUSINESS IN A BOX Streamline your domaining career with a huge boost to your portfolio. 466 domains, multiple extensions, multiple niches, aged and many with offers in the past 6 months. - All names are registered at Godaddy - 466 domains in total, will be pushed to your godaddy account. -...
  5. clasione

    offers 200+ Old Domains - Make Offers (Portfolio) Hot Picks!!

    Paypal is fine for established DNFers. The majority of these domains are all with Wild West Domains and can be pushed to a new account for free, and then transferred anywhere whenever.. Feel free to post an offer and if I like it, I will reply by PM. Private offers can be made by private...
  6. marcusofplymouth

    fixed price Premium Domain Portfolio inc. Large.com, VGAS.com, XUC.com, Secure.co.uk, DiscountHolidays.com

    Hi all. I am selling out of domain names to concentrate on my other businesses. My portfolio consists of: Super-premium one-word .com and .co.uk: - 1 x LLL.com, - 23 x LLLL.com, - 7 x LLL.co.uk - Various brand-able and keyword domains You will find a list of the domains on this page...
  7. S

    Any Android app to track a portfolio for expiry and renewal?

    Any Android app to track a portfolio for expiry and renewal? Or, web based services? Thank you.
  8. C

    offers Portfolio of Domains, Geo, Real Estate - FantasticDomains.com, Suct.com and more

    FantasticDomains.com & FantasticDomain.com 93QCountry.com ApartmentLocator.org ApartmentLocators.org ApartmentPlanet.com AptMove.com BlowupMattresses.com BMW745LI.com CarDomains.com Cire.org ConroeAttorney.com CorvetteZR1.com DallasGarageSales.com DodgeViper.org DowntownHoustonLofts.com...
  9. MikeinFlorida

    broker Broker Wanted to Sell Real Estate Portfolio

    Looking for a reputable broker to sell a well seasoned -- more than 10 years old-- real estate portfolio of all 50 U.S. similar state names. PM here if interested please and thanks in advance.
  10. wilfra

    fixed price portfolio liquidation, $45 each: VegetableBeefSoup.com, Naxalites.com, AsbestosForums.com and more

    All domains with Uniregistry. Multi-forum post. AntonioSmith.com -- expires 1/17/18 AsbestosForums.com -- expires 1/9/18 BestAssaultRifle.com -- expires 3/4/18 BestVideoEditingSoftware.com -- expires 4/16/18 CobbSaladRecipe.com -- expires 3/3/18 Dety.net -- expires 4/16/18...
  11. N

    auctions 1 day left. Flippa auctions. Reserves met. Lmeds.com and Portfolio of 10 domains

    Hey all. Only 1 day remaining for the following two Flippa auctions. Don't miss out.: LMeds.com (At only $21) Perfect for Nootropics - Legal Meds - Marijuana - medical field - and more Portfolio of the 10 following leasing domains (At only $11) lowfeelease.com lowfeeleases.com...
  12. Ang

    cctld .

  13. JamesBooth

    fixed price LLL.com + .net Portfolio For Sale (EFB.com - EFP.com - RPE.com + More)

    EFB.com EFP.com RPE.com Pinnochio.com 4DXFilm.com Vacation Rentals / Virtual Reality Names : AVR.net BVR.net GVR.net SVR.net VRD.net VRR.net VRV.net Price is firm at $100k.
  14. uclaboyz

    auctions Report.org and portfolio

    On Flippa: https://flippa.com/8238472-report-org
  15. Mike Cruz

    offers ~~~~

  16. newviewit

    offers Premium 350 domain portfolio will be sold to the highest bidder on Monday March 27. otox.com shipa.c

    --- I'm selling off my personal portfolio of around 350 premium domain names to the highest bidder on Monday, March 23. Make an offer! Any offer… Here's a small sample: otox.com awya.com 0mx.com Computico.com Carts.net Shipa.com GroupBids.com Diagnosed.net Decentralised.com...
  17. R

    cctld Cleaning Up Portfolio

    I was recently reading an article at Domain Sherpa and it was basically about cleaning up portfolios by deleting non performing domains. Imagine holding a few hundred domains aver 10 years and the carrying costs for registration fees:( Example 300 (domains) * 12 (approx reg) * 10 (years) =...
  18. mannoo2005

    offers Premium Domains Portfolio including Uofy.Com, Cruses.Net, Graspers.Com, Ovules.Net, ....

    Accept offers for these domainsin single or bulk [Send your offer here or PM] Most of domains are well aged, with enough period in registration:
  19. B

    cctld Quality .ca portfolio vamp.ca kenya.ca species.ca geisha.c videoconfernecing.ca burly.ca etc

    Lots of good names, please make offers. Expired names will include renewal by me before transfer: arbiter.ca silencers.ca greenshousegas.ca greenhousegases.ca scooba.ca budapest.ca motocycle.ca gunfighters.ca forexsoftware.ca greentag.ca burly.ca paternitytests.ca paternitytesting.ca vamp.ca...
  20. I

    cctld CA Portfolio sale - including neons(ca), Wakesurf(ca) and more

    Hello everyone, I would like to offer some of my .ca domains at very competitive prices. All under 500 CAD and payable trough Paypal. 10% to 25% off for 3 names and/or more. LimoRentals.ca 249 Multiplicity.ca 249 Neons.ca 249 Wakesurf.ca 299 Healthier.ca 199 Staffer.ca 399 AppDesign.ca 399...
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