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  1. accurate

    epik How come Epik only allow 5 Nameservers?

    Epik only allows you to set 5 Nameservers in the UI and Dashboard. Why is this? If I have more I need to request this via support which is annoying. Most registrars allow you to set a lot more. So I've never had this issue before. 🤷🏽‍♂️ @dadan @robmonster @akirlew
  2. amplify

    info The difference between domain registry, registrar, and registrant

    These three words are commonly used in domain name investing and can be confusing in the beginning. The registry manages top-level domains and delegates who have the ability to create new domains. The easiest way of remembering this is that the registry is behind the string right of the dot...
  3. accurate

    NameSilo Marketplace Launches Domain Payment Plans

  4. S

    news Epik Announces Support for Bitcoin Transactions Promotional incentive announced during October 2016

    SEATTLE, Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Epik Holdings, Inc. today announced it has integrated Bitcoin as a supported method for payment and disbursement. Logo - https://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20161011/427592LOGO Epik is known in the domain name industry as a full-service, all-inclusive...
  5. M

    Best drop catcher for domains registered with Google Regitrar

    I understand quite few of the big boys have auction deals with the different drop catchers ... Does anyone know if google registrar has a partnership with any of them? If not, what is the best drop catcher for domains registered with Google Registrar? Pool? Thanks
  6. ksinclair

    Enom Really Doing Poorly

    Anyone use Webmail at Enom? Multi-day process as they 'upgrade' the system. Besides less access, they messed up all my folders. This is supposed to be 'business email' ? They are also having billing problems. Enom might not be a good registrar anymore. Kevin
  7. K

    Brandable domain names available for registration

    Daily publishing of non-registered brand-able domain names, it's a free service and the names are great! https://www.brandibot.com Latest added domains - available as of 6/22/2015 - Belvira.com - Fidozy.com - Jujet.com - Fotopax.com
  8. J

    Help - Looking For New Registrar / I'm Done With Moniker

    Does anyone here have something good to report of their favorite registrar ? I gotta find a good domainers registrar as quickly as possible, I wanna get away from the new moniker as quickly as i can.
  9. ikehook

    netsol Network Solutions Is Giving Me Chest Pain

    Dear NetSol, You've successfully made it to the top of my worst registrar in the world chart. While I enjoy the elevator music that I've had to listen to for the 6 hours you've had me on hold this week, I'm starting to get tired of it. You would think pushing a name into another Network...
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