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  1. MapleDots

    info nTLD Stats - Not looking good .

    According to the graph above from nTLD stats the registrations of .online are falling rapidly. I have to say I was surprised how many of these domains were registered in Germany and continue to be especially because shorter and better ntld's are available. It looks like mostly sites from...
  2. V

    closed Sold - Statistify.com - $2000

    Highly brandable domain name, a great choice for SaaS business name. Planning to develop SaaS business based on statistics or reports? Or to create a Shopify addon? Here's a great domain name for you! Buy now price: $2000 Renews: 2.9.2022 Registrar: Godaddy.com Payment method: Escrow.com
  3. V

    .me Great Spanish .me domains for sale - Juega.me, Hipoteca.me, Calcula.me - All three $1200

    Really catchy Spanish language .me domains for sale. Juega.me ("play me") Hipoteca.me ("mortgage me") Calcula.me ("calculate me") Price/domain: $500 - all three $1200! Registrar: Godaddy.com Payment method: Escrow.com
  4. namesdencom

    news traffic stats added to domain for sale listings

    FYI domain buyers sellers investors. WE have added a graphic link to traffic stats for domains listed for sale. if you list domains and have verifiable traffic stats from up to 1 year we will update the listing for you to reflect that traffic.
  5. I

    closed OwnStats.com

    Your Very Own Stats.
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