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  1. sohelarman69

    .com Renvixit.com for sale $4000 or Make Offer

    Domain name: Renvixit.com Buy now for $4000 or make offer Registrar: PDR Ltd. (PublicDomainRegistry) Venue: Epik, Sedo, Afternic, Dan, Alter Registered : 2021-10-07 Expired: 2022-10-07
  2. CupidName.com

    auctions Live Keyword Domain Name Auciton for SafeSettings.com

    Bid today on this valuable two word .com domain name SafeSettings.com
  3. P

    offers UKScience.com - UK Science / Technology

    UKScience.com - UK Science / Technology news Registrar: Moniker
  4. M

    fixed price 5gCompare.com - $59

    5G is the future of Telecom. Selling 5gCompare.com at Fixed Price of USD $59. Easy push to your Dynadot.com account. Domain Active till 2018!
  5. ashahzad_UK

    fixed price iPAQ like iPAD technology - estibot = $4000, 1,860,000 no reserve

    sale price is just $99 (BIN = Buy Now) or any offer thanks .. please read below Premium 1-word domain for technology / IT industry, startups , with low reserve iPAQ similar to iPAD by Apple refers to computing technology as a Pocket PC and personal digital assistant which uses a...
  6. S

    offers ICT.com Information & Communication Technology

    Great 3L Domain in Town For Sale, Make your offers to get this domain.
  7. vital

    offers Technology.im

    make offer name.com
  8. StrategyNaming.com

    offers GeneEditing.com + GenomeScanners.com

    Visit StrategyNaming.com for some great future-tech branding ideas!
  9. sellercunha

    fixed price Rare .com aged 15 years

    Z-Tecnology.com 15 years, 3 month Creation Date: 2000-04-26T18:20:46Z Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-04-26T18:20:46Z Technology = 301.000 exact search Ideas for Z: Zoom-Technology.com Zoom = 1.220.000 exact search Graphics, digital printing, printer, and print 3D (3d print this...
  10. nubuck

    offers RepairServiceCenter.com Broad Searches over 1.5 Million

    Taking Offers Thanks ! .
  11. K

    auctions Ended

  12. K

    auctions GamingSmartPhone.com

    2 hours to go on Flippa, no reserve! https://flippa.com/5159524-no-reserve-auction-huge-industry
  13. vital

    fixed price TechZip.com

  14. TSB

    auctions ITGlitch.com is on auction on godaddy

    Excellent 2 word and pronounceable domain name for technology news and latest tech trend feeds.
  15. Retoddesq


    Limited time offer; offer valid until 3/11/2015 Free godaddy push. Fixed price $300 Domain: BANKRUPTCYAPPS.COM As an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law; I can say with absolute certainty that there is a HUGE need for increased development of applications that assist both bankruptcy...
  16. Howie Crosby

    [.info] Blackphosphorus.info The New Wonder Material! 1,900 Exact.

    BlackPhosphorus.info Currently 1,900 EXACT searches per month via Google. The New Wonder Material! Sounds too good to be true, but search for 'black phosphorus' via Google and virtually at the top of the organics is a post with this title from technologyreview .com "The big advantage of...
  17. A

    Vipconcerns.com At Only 1500 $ And Some Other Great Domain Names

    Hi, You have until february 12th to take with those prices. After this date ,I may change them. VipConcerns.com at only 1500 USD VipRules.com 1500 USD LastLeaks.com 1500 USD TooNext.com...
  18. shellyboy911

    Bitcoin Domains! Bitcoin Debit Cards, Bitcoin Casnio, And More!

    For sell are a bunch of bitcoin names with good keywords like bitcoin debit cards (huge keyword potential), online bitcoin casinos, and more. All domains are registered at godaddy with expiration date shown below. Each domain for sale only $8 each with discount for bulk purchases...
  19. W

    Fipel.info: Near-future Lighting Technology

    Please see info about FIPEL lighting, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field-induced_polymer_electroluminescent_technology Reg'd at GoDaddy.
  20. J

    Portfolio Of Quality Marijuana & Tech Domains For Sale

    I am listing my portfolio of marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, 420, and tech domain names for sale. I will accept offers for the entire portfolio or for individual names. Some of these names are terrible but most of them are high quality with obvious end users and uses. The earliest that any of...
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