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  1. nubuck

    offers ANALITICS.COM (Traffic) Estibot $33,000 (All 3 Extensions Included) /net / org (All 3 Extensions Included) This represents a great investment or development opportunity for the right buyer - Exact Match Domain -Aged dot com - High Valuation Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to take...
  2. P

    Wanted: Traffic domain with parking revenues

    Hello to all Looking for domain with revenues from parking (at least 5$ per month) Budget 3000$, could be more for great names but still below 10k USD Submit your domain via PM only keeping in mind these conditions: No Trade Marked domains No Typo of TM No IDN No Websites if the...
  3. webnetguru

    offers CelebrityFlick dot com Buddy3D dot com NameCapsule dot com and more...

    Premium and with Traffic Domains For Sale Registrar: Name dot com Free Transfer at Name dot com Premium Domains with Traffic: NameCapsule dot com UpcomingFlick dot com Premium Domains without Traffic: CelebrityFlick dot com HollywoodNova dot com Buddy3D dot com 8Prank dot com Biz-Opp/Money...
  4. R

    fixed price awesomepennystocks(dot)com - traffic domain

    Domain: awesomepennystocks(.)com Price: $5k Sale via
  5. nubuck

    offers RELATES.COM (SOLD) ! SOLD
  6. nubuck

    offers (PR2 domain, Since 1996) -PR2 domain, Since 1996 - Estibot Value $19,000 -Exact Searches 841,250 domain index -Global approximate CPC "stamp" 3.23 USD Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match - stamp Monthly Searches: 11,242,200 -Perfect for mobile devices - Registered till 2017 Please PM me...
  7. namesdencom

    huge traffic category online betting video gaming FB just announced live streaming gaming $299 1 day only sale 06/07/16 payment via paypal
  8. nubuck

    SOLD !

    SOLD !
  9. H

    Quick Sale! Has Traffic: 334 Visits since October 27 2015 Looking Serious Offers! PM.
  10. nubuck

    SOLD ! -PR3 Domain ( since 1998) Traffic Dec.22nd- Jan.8th (16 Days) = 894 Parking Uniques Average 56 visitors a day (I will email screenshot) -830,000 Exact Searches - High Estibot - Value $33,900 link: - Global Domain Previous...
  11. nubuck Alexa 11,066 Last 26 days received 1,240 visitors

    Seeking offers Consistent Traffic .
  12. nubuck

    SOLD !

    SOLD !
  13. N


  14. nubuck

    SOLD !

  15. nubuck

    SOLD !

    SOLD !
  16. K


  17. S 600 visit/ month

    nice traffic domain on sale. I don't have any affiliate source for it now. but someone can use affiliate, boost its revenue dramatically. pm or post your bin. reg fee is only under $20 now in Domain "" Daily Statistics | Monthly Statistics | Edit Domain Settings...
  18. DomainMagnate $61.63 last month for sale, please make offers here or via pm. registered since 2011, free push at namecheap. (I don't really know anything about optimizing parking revenue, so if anyone has any tips to pm how to increase it, that will be appreciated!)...
  19. madcamel

    com-dot-be - 350,000 visits & $500 per month

    Hello, For sale is the domain com dot be. Revenue: $500/month ($460 parking $40 affiliate). Traffic: ~ 350K visits/month I've owned it for about 10 years and traffic has been stable and slowly rising. Asking: $35K Please only serious buyers. Additional information can be provided by...
  20. K


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